Words Of Hope And Encouragement

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

This book contains words of wisdom for those who are struggling on their pathway through earthly life.

Table of Contents

Every Day Is A Precious Gift

Submitted: March 24, 2018

Every Day Is A Precious Gift God is in everything and everything is God, And before the Great Father/Mother We are all equa... Read Chapter

All Things Are Possible

Submitted: March 24, 2018

All Things Are Possible With the help and will Of God and the Angels All things are possible. If our minds can conceive s... Read Chapter

Written With Love

Submitted: March 24, 2018

Written With Love  Part of God’s Great design for all life Is another, smaller plan for us and our world. It is like... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 25, 2018

Desiderata - For The Aquarian Age Go quietly amid the noise and haste of our world and remember what peace there is in silence. ... Read Chapter

Eternity Is Today

Submitted: March 29, 2018

Eternity Is Today Every new day is part of the great mystery In which past, present and future are one. Each moment is like ... Read Chapter

The End Of Fear

Submitted: May 03, 2018

The End Of Fear What do we have to fear? Nothing! Whom do we have to fear? No-one! Do you know why? Consciously becoming ... Read Chapter

Who Is The Captain Of My Soul?

Submitted: May 10, 2018

Who Is The Captain Of My Soul? ‘Whatsoever we perpetrate, we do but row. We are steered by fate.’ Samuel Butler  ... Read Chapter

The Old Sea Captain

Submitted: May 11, 2018

The Old Sea Captain There once was a retired sea captain. He skippered a boat for taking day-trippers To a nearby island and... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2018

Bridges Don’t cross any bridges until they come into view And stop wasting time wondering what you might do, In case disas... Read Chapter

The Perfect Plan

Submitted: May 14, 2018

The Perfect Plan God planned the smallest detail On the day S/He formed the Earth. And just as carefully designed Every d... Read Chapter

In Difficult Times

Submitted: May 15, 2018

In Difficult Times When we are going through difficult times And everything seems to be against us, If it seems as though we... Read Chapter

The Be-Attitudes For The Aquarian Age

Submitted: May 17, 2018

The Be-Attitudes For The Aquarian Age Blessed are those who can see the funny side of things, Refuse to take themselves to... Read Chapter

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