The Seventeen

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A short story of some young soldiers.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



17 young soldiers lost and cut off from there allies low on supplies and morale. Torn between the thunder of war and the fear of death. The perils that await them feiarcly driven into there minds. Rain splatters down chilled them through. Hope seems so distant and the night beckons too.
Engulfed in the chaos wrapped in uniforms it appeared to the young ones that a man with a beard was approaching with a grisoled deshiavald look. Was he friend? or was he foe? the 17 didn't have time to look as the youngest one of all clutched at his rifle scared and alone his mind was more a trifle.
The echo of the gun shattered all the silence as the bullet hit the man the other 16 grew in sadness. And the man hit the floor with a resounding thud louder to the youngest one than all else he had with stood. smoke from the barrel and sweat from his neck turning to his colleges his eyes were quite wet not only from the rain clouds but from the young ones sense of regret.
piercing and angry as the other 16 were they couldn't cast out Bradley on the moment of the spur. They instead decided to remove from him his rifle and his rank a sort of punishemant and a reprieve for which the youngest one could thank.
It was not such a big while until the group was curios and braver than to sit at the encampment that the 17 had to savoir. they explored down to the now dead man that had come earlier. they raided him as quickly as they could before they saw that danger was approaching and they didn't see a back door.
No way out for the 17 stand and fight or turn away from the scene time is up now what you going to do?
17 soldiers fighting for me and you fighting for the freedom that they had been promised the young men drew the weapons and took up positions even the youngest of the 17 had his rifle given back it would seem.
This time they were ready for all that laid before them the destiny that they chose was here and right now the enemy was upon them and suddenly somehow the 17 became one as the fired at the foe causing one hell of a ruckus that was not just for show 17 men died for freedom that day they only thing left of them was one letter signed from fay.
It read like this I am told and that they recovered it and read it aloud on freedom day.
I love you Ted the first line read and i wait for you on this day the sun beams over my head on the morning of every day blinding my eyes as i look down the way to see if you're home yet cant wait to hear you say I'm home fay my darling and here is where I'm going to stay but for right now Ted I'll have to content myself and say once again that i love you Ted Bradley and will do every day.

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