Annabelle: Creation

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They're first glance at the house, liking it. They don't know what they're getting into.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Annabelle

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



AnnaBelle: Creation.

Written by denzel

Co producers are Jacob Sly and Aerial Amy

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Chapter 1: Annabelle


Daddy always played with me. I’d lay notes all around our house and he would follow them until he found me. He’d always find me. But all that was about to change. A normal day after church, We were returning back home when the car stopped. One of the bolts went flying off our car. It rolled away into the dirt.  “How are we going to get home now” Daddy asked. Mommy shrugged and grabbed a wrench from the back trunk. Another bolt came off the car, but I wasn’t planning on letting it go. I stepped into the road and grabbed the bolt. Then a car came. “ANNABELLE” Mommy screamed. The car hit me. “ANNABELLE” Both of them screamed. Mommy teared up but Daddy just stared. Then he teared up too. Mommy cried and knelt down. “It's ok” Daddy tried to calm Mommy down. They had to walk home and leave their car. When they got home, Mommy went to her room. We lived in a house that was isolated in a barren desert. Mommy would do anything to see me again. When she entered my room she saw a note on the floor. “Can I use the doll. Please”. Mommy smiled and nodded. The next day her and dad felt presences. They saw me running in the house. “Annabelle” Mommy cupped her hands and cried tears of joy. She grabbed some plates from the kitchen counter and put them on another counter. Mommy walked over to the mirror and looked in it. I was peeking behind her. She saw a dark demon that did not look friendly. Mommy gasped and ran to her room. She grabbed a crucifix and searched the whole house for me. Mommy found me sitting on the table along with the doll my dad had Image result for Annabelle cracking her bones

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crafted. Daddy is a professional dollmaker. She got closer to me and I shaked. I twisted one hand along with the other. It wasn't me doing this. When I died, I got possessed by a horrible and dangerous demon. I stood up and walked up to her. Mommy dropped her crucifix and I scratched her face. She screamed and Daddy walks in. Luckily, I managed to escape. “Look what she did to me” Mommy screamed as she covered the huge scratch bleeding I made on her right eye. Daddy gasped and went to get some bandages. Mommy crawled to her room and sat on the bed. She found a half mask inside her drawer that dad made years ago. She grabbed it and put it on her face. “Now i'll have to stay like this” She murmured to herself.

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12 Years Later…


A group of orphans and a nun moved into our house. Their names were Sister Charlotte, The nun, Janice, The girl with polio, Nancy, Kate, And a lot of other kids. “Is this the new house?” Janice asked. Image result for Annabelle Creation Janice and Linda


“Yes. Like it” Mr Mullins asked. Janice nodded her head along with Nancy and Linda. Janice turned around and giggled. She got off her wheelchair and grabbed the crutches. Janice slowly limped towards the house. She felt free again after all those days in the old orphanage. Janice pretty much hated that place, but she kept that a secret. At last, after hours and hours of walking, she finally got into the house. “This is a pretty nice house” Janice said. Mr. Mullins smiled and walked away. He already knew about the doll but he just didn't want to tell anybody. Even though they were Christians, they just didn't want to expose the the fact that they had a possessed doll in their house. “ Where will we sleep” asked Nancy. “ There is a bedroom upstairs, you guys will sleep there” Mr. Mullins responded. Nancy smiled and went upstairs looking for her room. Linda grabbed Janice’s hand and held it tight. “Promise you will always be with me” Linda said. Janice looked at her and nodded. “Well… Duh. You are like a sister to me” Janice responded. Linda smiled at her and let go of her hand. Janice went upstairs and into a pink room which looked like a life sized dollhouse. She saw a little girl standing by the window. “Umm.. Hello.” Janice said. The little girl whispered “can you help me?” Janice got closer to her trembling. “My name is Annabelle”. She turned around with a demonic face. Janice jumped back in fear and went for the door. It slammed and Janice screamed. “There is no escape.” Janice in fear nudged the door and it finally opened. She ran outside and looked behind only to see a dark figure coming near her. Suddenly, the door slammed again

Mr. Mullins came upstairs and questioned Janice. “That door is locked and it stays locked” he said. Janice nodded and went downstairs. Linda and Nancy were helping out on dinner. “Organic salad for dinner huh” Sister Charlotte said. Kate came in and hugged Sister Charlotte. “Oh.. Hello Kate.”

Kate went over to Janice and hugged her too. “I missed you so much” Janice said.


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