DEEP, Episode 3.

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The passion between Kate and Chris only grew deeper, with affections on no common grounds yet. Both lost in the moment but explore their needs beyond restrain.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018




TITLE: Deep (Episode 3)

GENRE: Romance


Kate settled at the corner of the big common room, as she enjoyed the vigour and warmth shared between colleagues as they celebrated the 'reunion' Night. Everything was perfect as they ought to be, except, for the little mixed feelings she was having. She could not get her eyes off Chris who was lost flirting with almost every girl around him. She could not help but stare wide-eyed as he chatter with such livelihood that she envied. She had told herself that she would keep away from Chris as far as possible, so as to avoid what happened some nights ago in her office. As she kept staring, Chris caught her stare and returned it to her with a warm gesture.

"Hey, enjoying tonight?" Chris enquired as he came across to her. He could not help but admire her dress which was a little tight around the waist and flown freely just above her knee. Her face was light with mascara and some mild smell of blushes. She looked beautiful! "It seem every lady appease to your taste" Kate said as she motioned to the heap of ladies across the room waiting for him. She wore a smile that was almost impossible to brighten her mood. " mean them?" Smiled widely "I think every beautiful woman appease to me" He said sounding a little naughty. "Women are like food, pleasing to the eyes. But one needs to taste to see which with the tasty spices" He concluded teasingly. " I bet you taste every Lady that comes your way" She tried not to sound disgusted, though she felt like sending him a slap across the face. Why does he have to disrespect womanhood as such? She thought. "Not every. But I try to taste as much that is pleasing" He said smiling like a champ. He knew it was getting her a little furious, but he enjoyed seeing her like that. In fact she looked more pleasing to the eyes when she's upset. He decided to take it a little too far. "And you my lady, you're so pleasing to my eyes" He said. Kate felt insulted and flattered at the same time. She could not help but walk out of their little conversation.


The party was over and in no time the hall was almost empty. Kate arranged her stuffs and stood by the big entrance door, hoping the rain would stop soonest. She felt a little cold and weary waiting. "Hey, still around?" A voice came behind her. No doubt it was Chris. She turned to face him halfway as she murmured her reply. "My house is only a few blocks from here. I could take you home for a cup of coffee while you Wait for the pour to stop" He said sounding concerned. Kate was not buying that idea especially from Chris. But she had no choice. The office door would be shut soon and the rain seem to be picking up pace. But could she trust him? "Only a coffee" She said. "Trust me. Only a coffee" Chris assured. As they scurry in the rain.

Chris seem to be a nice guy in the inside. She thought to herself as they both sat chatting and seeping coffee. If he hasn't been a womaniser, I'm sure he would beat my taste for a partner. As she watched his muscles flexed while he makes funny demonstration, she felt smirked and aroused almost at the sight. His words which celebrated her heart, his voice sounded like it was meant for her ears, and his eyes looked like she saw everything beautiful through it. She could not snap the attraction she was feeling suddenly.

Chris could hardly stop himself from Leaning to kiss the most beautiful lady he has ever seen. It was unusual for him to feel so attracted to these particular lady. Her personality struck him at awe. Her smile which is soft and colorful sends a thousand responses through his spine. His hormone longed for her. Chris knew he wanted her in his bed, but knew better he longed for more than just a night affair. He wanted something specific with her. He charged his will as he leaned to kiss her.

"May I?" Chris said as his lips made for hers. "Chris, I....I..." She stuttered as she gave a sigh to submission. He could hear her heart thundering and racing to the rhythm of his own. His mouth found hers as passion jilted between them. He could be using her like his regular girls but her body could not resist him. Her head kept sendind warning flair but her body could barely take note. If it was wrong to go blindly into need, then she was ready to pay any price for it. Her body could not deny them both passion. They embraced with no gentleness. All heat and light. She gave more than she thought she had. Her mouth was as avid as his. Her murmurs were desperate.

The taste of her was intoxicating. He nipped at her lips, then sucked until he heard her helpless whimper. She went limp in his arms. "I want you" He managed to say. With an oath, he swept her up into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. In no time his jacket was off and her blouse undone. Their body caressed and boiled with passion. Needful,desperate, they tumbled on the bed. They rolled across the bed in a passionate war that would have two victors, touching, taking, discovering. He peeled off her remains from her, moaning as he found her breast with his hands, his lips, his teeth. Unreasoning desire catapulted through him as he felt her soar.

Like he has reached a crucial emotional stage, he stopped and looked into her eyes. "Do you want to continue?" He asked concerned again. Even though she was moist, heated and utterly willing, she needed time to sort her feelings out. She wanted him to drive her through doors of endless passion but she needed to think about the aftermaths. "I'm not sure" she managed to say between breaths. He looked desperate and untamed but he wouldn't hurt these lady. "I respect you Kate" He said as he rolled unto his back beside her. With his eyes fixed on hers, he kissed her. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen" he said softly. Instantly the fire from the previous night burned through her. It was rare. But why did he treat her with such respect and uniqueness. The same man who tastes almost every Lady he meets.

Continues Episode 4.

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