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Envy the capital sin of the Devil himself. This story centers on Larissa, a woman who envies the most. The woman who envies herself.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



-Hey Larissa- Says Maria, Larissa's only friend in the world now that she is a 25 year old without hope nor dreams. -What dude?- Maria gives her a smile then picks up the pieces of where they left off. Larissa smiles a faint fake smile but Maria closes her in for a tight frindly hug. Larissa says hello to a voice in her head. - Hello Maria hehehe- The voice smiles a mysterious smile. - You think she knows you?- Says Larissa. - She know me more than she knows you...- Says the voice. - Hee hee, Levyathan you always tell me what I want to hear now tell me.- Levyathan is the name of Larissa's friand that lives in her head. Levyathan is an ancient Devil amongst other 7 which are capital of sin. This ones sin is Envy and is now attached to Larissa for her wrongful self of imagery towards others.


- Hey Larissa, you know I loved you all the time you where in high school right?- Maria told her one and lonesome friend Larissa. Larissa was off hearing Levyathan's words. For Larissa, Levyathan was a child, a cartoon in display on her own mind. She thougt of him as a fixture of his imagination. But he is nothing more than a shady Devil. - Larissa, look at her look, look at her wealth, look at what she does to you!!!- Levyathan speaks out of its sin. - Hey Maria lets go out to the mall tomorrow yeah?- Larissa without a witt tells her. Maria obeys her command and decides to do what has to be done. Erase her from this world, knowing that Larissa is not a good person at all. Maria rememberd evrything she did to every one in school one time.


She let the demon out to others even Maria. Oh Maria why did you get too close to this spirit of envy?? Maria watched as everyone lost their cool in class. Everyone started to hate each others looks. Hate each other's appearance. Hate themselves in their own reflection. - Look at them Larissa, they all envy you, they all do, they all hate you but they can deny it, unless you show them your inner self. Right now, envy is all you see for envy is all the world has.- Levyathan explain to her. Maria noticed something. Everyone quiet with their heads down and Larissa quietly happy looking outside talking to something, looking at the teacher with a sinister laugh in her eyes.


Maria looked twice at herself to see if she was ok but no one noticed what she noticed, she was not macabre, but Larissa on the other hand had the eyes of the Devil. LEVYATHAN. Larissa had a plan in mind, hate everyone but me!!, love me for I deserve the attention. Now the present day Maria rememberd another thing as she walked home. - Hey Larissa why are you so damn pretty??- A man asked with the most humblest heart in the world. Larissa stared and said. - Because I get it and you dont you sick ugly fuck.- The boy walked away thinking, what did I say that was so wrong? Maria walked beside her and said to herself, - Why does she do that t others she could have the most kindest man in the world and she destroyes them? Why?- At the time they were 16. Now at 25 a new story for them unfolds, a new memory. But for who?


Maria arrived home and decided to ay down on her bed to think of what Larissa would do next. id she really do those things in high school? Did she really betray he trust? What ever she did she knows that she has to do something before she cuts off some one elses head. Larissa on the other hand was at her mother's house thinking of Maria as she spoke to Levyathan. - Hey Levyathan, why does Maria still stick around?- Levyathan in all his malice awnsers. - Maria? hmph just a speck of dust, just a little floer that got lost in the basement due to an underlying decease, her damned heart of envy. She envies you my little tulip, she wants to be you, that one, she wants to be your special friend. You wont allow that will you? You wont let that drag you down to the earth itself right? Stop Maria, stop her rightgousness towards you for you will be i the history of books always dreaming of death always dreaming of those that envied you.-


-But why Levyathan? Why? I dont love her I dont want her to be me? All I want is for her to stay away. She does not belong to me or you we need to flight today my father.- Larissa's responded envies Levyathan for her courage to stay on her own to feet and leave Maria alone. - Levyathan? Do you Envy me?- Levyathan looks at himself in the mirror using Larissa's movements in her. Se ooks at themselves and says - I do, I envy you with all my heart Larissa, I hate your guts for not being like me you empty fuck. My sins are now your sins, My envy will now be your envy, now please do what you must to finish off this slut! This pussy of a bitch! KILL HER NOW!!- Larissa with all her heart broke away from him and ran to Maria's house as far as she could. SHe decieved Levyathan, she killed its spirit of damnation and went to the emptieness of her own heart. Larissa met her maker and now the end of this envious little demon will unfold.


  Maria at her house is now thinking of herself dead by the hands of Larissa. Larissa is now there staring at Maria outside her window. - Hey Maria I need to SPEAK TO YOU!!- Larissa says, Maria now opens the door and says, - My good friend what is so wrong that you have to tell me something so desperatley?- Larissa opens the door to her room and says to Maria, - Hey Larissa... - Maria looks at her in an odd way and says... - Did you just say hay Larissa?- Larissa looks at her dead in the face and says. - Look Maria your friend... She will be my keeper for I am envy of the damned, you loved her right?- She says. - IT WAS YOU!!-


The memory of Larissa and Maria playig in the garden opend her mind to the remembrance of her killing her old little friend Jared STevens when they were all 6 years old. - Maria... I am Levyathan, look at Jared just for a moment.-  Maria looked carefully with a playful smile and said to Jared, - Hey Jared look at Larissa she likes you. - Maria smiled and quircked. - NO I DONT YOU UGLY LITTLE FUCK, YOU LITTLE FAGGOT, YOU PIECE OF SHIT, I ENVY YOU FOR BEING KIND TO HER, TO THEM!!!- And then Larissa pushed him down and strangled him and made his final moments ache for as long as she could. Maria watched them, Maria was very afraid, but she did not cry she was in the biggest shock that exists in the world. Little Jared died and Levyathan told Maria and Larissa. - SPEAK OF THIS TO SOME ONE SPEAK OF THIS TO GOD AND BOTH OF YOU WILL BURN BY MY ENVY.-


Maria left her house running to her grandmothers, they where at the back of a parking garage hiding from a watchman. Larissa broke her spirit being the weakest one. Larissa says to herself I need GOD. God responded and said, -Forgve yourself, for what you have done, watch Levyathan and do not envy a soul that will cast you damnation on to heart. You will suffer an eternal life in hell if that is what you wish.- Larissa said, - But God the bad thing just got me... NO!!! IT WANTS MY SOUL!!!- Larissa looked away in hatred and said,- Fine I will ENVY you too you little turd.- Larissa ran away and told them, every one in town that the killer was an old man that always walks around the same area just to hide from something that the man envies people beause of his ugly face. From there on foward the Devil had clutches on Larissa and her close friends.


- You fucking devil... you fucking devil... why... why...- Maria whimpered and begged the Devil to stop. - No Maria dont, there is no ther way off finishing this off but by killing myself I envy myself too see...- And so Larissa's body was ripped to shreds by something very disgusting, Levyathan, the Devil of Envy. Levyathand the serpent that hated God for his beauty. Maria looked in awe and said to it... - Why the hell .... no What in heavens name are you doing to me?- She said it in the most assertive form there could be. - God? Why? Levyathan? YES. ENVY me for I am you Maria... I AM YOU.- And so the ugly looking Demon clutched his way throught Maria's heart and destroyed her into a thousand to million little pieces. Yes Maria died at the hands of the devil. The Envoius devil. He had the form of a man without a face, his fingers covered in sand and dirt. His eyes plugged with souls of the dead. His chest without a heart to pound. His skin green like the envy he is. His legs as tall as a tree without leaves that shape at his own desire. A bell so small it could easily break but without any bones how would it.


Maria was the Devil's friend and the Devil's friend always looses his or hers touvh with reality. They see lov e in the wrong places and sees nothing but hatred from them in the end of the road. This time Envie kills Maria's kindness. ENvie murdered little Jared at 6 years of age. It made many men loose their minds at the sight of such beauty and dependencay of those she "loved". Yes After the death of Maria Larissa was back to normal her ripped skin, her broken, bones, her deadly stare, and her green eyes where still there. Yes Larissa's envy lived on to do more misery to those that hated her. To those that she ENVIED.

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