Get Here

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Get Here, Poem Inspired by Oleta Adams’ Lyrics

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



Get Here

Poem Inspired by Oleta Adams’ Lyrics

Get Here If You Can

Close your eyes, hear my sentiments as they cross far away lands

A hard felt contender

For a soft pillow of surrender

Don’t be scared, shh, never by afraid

Now that echoes is a silent serenade

Emotions now hiding behind a quiet masquerade

A never ending man to female dominating charade

Once had it made

Dopamine was the game, mentally parlayed

No one is getting compensated for words portrayed, or displayed


 Get Here If You Can

By car, bus, or a Boeing airplane

You can reach me by surfing the waves of honey streams

Feel the heat of unwavering passion as you touch me when you daydream

Heart concealed in veiled clues

Minds afloat playing by society Check Mate rules


Get Here If You Can

Cross the desert dunes of the Egypt sands

Footsteps guiding through the everglades

Marching behind a brigade

By a Helium Balloon floating in the sky

Much closer than a goodbye, I tell you no lie


Get Here If You Can

Waiting for a spark of romance

Closely matched mental dance

Much given space

Bowed out under grace

For now, still privately mine

Don’t worry, my motto, all in due time


Get Here If You Can

Cross the Red Sea as a pirate, deliver your treasured pleasurable plan 

Breathless waiting

The canvas of my body, your finished painting

No words, as we’re physically relating

Stagnated breaths in a steamy shower

A blanket of warm water cascaded over two combined bodies in the midnight hour

Reach me by the stars in the sky

Come unto me where inner spiritually resides

Down there too many earthly questions outweigh the whys

Strong arms needed to hold

Journey through the storms to comfort me, mentally console


Get Here If You Can

Enrapture and dignity felt for a hero within man

A horse carriage, inclining steep hills through Mother Nature’s challenging weather

Touch compared to a caressing silken feather

Keeping bodies and entwined souls together

Where he stands, where he lays

Heavenly nights as bodies set ablaze

Love, Hugs, Kisses, and Rubs, what a fitting intoxicating phrase

As you enjoy the inner depth of my cerebral cortex maze



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