Under The Stars

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A story of how two best friends come to love each other.

“Hurry up Sierra!” Zack Coleman called outside her bedroom window. She poked her head outside the window and yelled out to him “Sheesh! I’m coming! Calm down will you?” she replied exasperatedly. He’s sooo annoying… She grabbed her backpack and slid her emergency whistle around her neck long with her binoculars. When she approached the impatient Zack he rolled his eyes. “Finally, how long does it take to grab a backpack, whistle and two sets of binoculars?” She stopped walking abruptly. I forgot Zack’s pair of binoculars! He’s gonna be ticked… “Oops” she said sheepishly. “What ‘oops’?” he asked her suspiciously. “I forgot to get your pair of binoculars…” she admitted apologetically. “Oh, I’ll just go get them!” he told her. “Thanks Zack” she said smiling. “Yeah, yeah” he rolled his eyes and ran inside quickly. Sierra Morgan and Zack Coleman were best buds, and they have been for 12 years. Their mothers were good friends when they were two and they hung out a lot. They went to the same schools since pre-school and now they home-school together. Zack comes over every day from Mondays to Fridays and Sierra’s mom April homeschools them while Zack’s mom Cadie works. Zack’s dad works as a travel agent around the world with Sierra’s dad. Today they decided to go camping in the woods across the street. It has a really cool clearing in the middle and their going to watch the stars tonight. Zack came back with his pair of binoculars around his neck and the two headed off down the street. “I’m so excited!” Sierra said happily. Zack just jerked his head up and shrugged. Oh, he knows he as excited as I am… He just doesn’t want to show it. I guess that’s what happens to 15 year old guys sometimes… “Zack?” Sierra asked him softly. “Yeah?” he answered looking towards her. “It’s only me… you don’t have to act so… well guyish” Sierra told him smiling. He rolled his eyes and sighed. “What do you mean ‘guyish’?” he asked her suspiciously. “Well, nodding your head, not talking to me, acting like… how Cam does to Tara” she sighed. “You know how he likes-” Oh…Zack likes me! “Oh…” she said aloud quietly. “Um, I know what you’re thinking and your wrong” Zack told her sharply. “Oh… ok” she said disappointedly. Truth is- she likes Zack… but now she knows how he feels at least. “Well let’s brighten the mood!” she said cheerfully slapping on a fake smile. I feel so stupid… well now at least I know he doesn’t like me. I hope we can still enjoy today though. “Okay, what should we do? Because, we’re here” he said gesturing to the open space in front of them. “Oh, good. Let’s set up camp first” she said smiling. “Okay boss” Zack saluted and they laughed. Setting up the tents one by one they unloaded their stuff into their own tent. After that was done Zack made a fire pit with the logs and sticks Sierra found in the woods. “Nice find” he nodded and set the logs up as the base. Sierra found some stones and stacked them up making a barrier around the pit. “Okay, looks like we’re done setting up camp” Zack said brushing his hands off with his jeans. “Let’s go by the lake” he said and the two walked off together. Sierra watched Zack from behind him carefully. She noticed he walked with his posture straight up focused and stern. His shoulders laid relaxed and his head slightly turned to the side. Has he always walked like that? She continued to watch him as they walked and half of her hoped he would look back and ask her what she was doing. But the other half just wanted to watch him secretly without him noticing. She sped up her pace and fell in step with him as they neared the lake. She saw his posture stiffen up as she neared and his head held higher than before. Did he see something? Or was it me? Should I go back behind him? She was in Sierra land until she heard him call her name. “Yeah?” she answered shaking her head. “I said ‘Do you want to go swimming’?” he said exasperatedly. “No” she said annoyed by his reaction. He flinched at her reaction. 


Whoa, I’ve never heard her use that tone before… She must’ve noticed how startled he looked because her face relaxed and she softened her tone. “I’m fine… I’ll just watch you” she said. “Nah, I’m fine” he said relaxing a bit. I wonder why she was so ticked… Was it because I told her I didn’t like her? Crap! But I do! Ugh… why am I such a jerk…? “Well, what now?” she asked him interrupting his thoughts. “I don’t know” he shrugged his shoulders and sighed. What now? Do we go back? “Let’s go back it’s getting dark” she said turning around and walking. Okay… something’s wrong. “Sierra?” he caught up with her. “Yeah?” she answered. She sounded annoyed. “Is everything okay?” he asked as he fell in step with her. “Yep” she said flatly.

“Well, I don’t think it is” he said annoyed by her tone of voice. He was about to say something else when she said “Why do you care anyway?” What is she talking about? Of course I care. I’m her best friend! “Sierra-“he said but she stopped him. “You can just go back to your ‘I’m too cool to hang out with Sierra and I don’t like her anyway’ attitude because I’m over trying to cooperate with you” she said coldly and she sped up her pace and headed back to the site. What. Just. Happened? What was that? I never said I didn’t like her… Oh crap! Yes I did… I have to tell her the truth… He ran up to catch up to her but she was already in her tent and the tent was zipped when he got there. But… he suddenly had an idea… “Sierra! Hurry come quick!” Zack yelled to her urgently when the sun began to set. He was by the lake when she was about half way there. She sped up when he called again. “What is it? What happened?” she said once she reached him. She stopped suddenly and saw what he had done. Before her was a huge picnic blanket and a lot of food. He was standing smiling sheepishly when she gasped. “What’s all this?” she asked him curiously. Here goes nothing… “Sierra…” Zack started and reached for her hands. “Sierra, we’ve been friends for what twelve? Thirteen years now…?” he continued after she nodded still shocked and curious. “And, I haven’t had the guts to tell you this but…” he paused and pulled her close. Breathe… I hope I’m not sweating… “I really like you and I hope you like me too” he finished. “Zack…” Sierra smiled. “I like you too” and she hugged him as he smiled. Score! I got my best friend! “Good because I set this all up for you” he said leading her towards the blanket. “Wow Zack… you’re so sweet!” Sierra told him happily. They sat down and laughed and talked just like they had years ago without the “cool guy attitude” or the “cold sharp attitude”. “Look!” she pointed towards the sky. Stars began to pop up and surround the night sky. Thy watched in awe as the night sky lit up with thousands of stars to accompany them. “Wow” they said in unison and chuckled softly. Yep… I think I did it… Zack took Sierra’s and pulled her in closer. She leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed a content sigh. “I’m glad you’re my best friend” she whispered softly to him. “Ditto” he laughed. She sat up and smiled. “Thank God” she mumbled. “What?” he asked confused. “I thought you were gonna try and say something romantic and sappy… but I’m glad the old you is back” she smiled and kissed his cheek happily. “Yuck” he said jokingly. They laughed and enjoyed each-others company. “We should probably start heading back” Sierra said glancing at her apple watch. “It’s 10 now” she said. Zach whistled a low whistle and he sighed “Wow, it’s been hours” he chuckled. “Yeah, time goes by fast when you’re with your best friend” Sierra told him happily. They stood up and he took her in his arms hugging her. She smiled and hugged him back and they packed the blanket and food up. Once they were back and the stuff was put away Zack reached for Sierra and pulled her mouth towards his and finished the night with a kiss under the stars.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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