meaning of love in a relationship

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It is all about true love in a relation. some common problems and advice to make a relationship better.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



Meaning of Love in a Relationship

Relationship is the most beautiful and amazing thing on earth. It plays a major role in our Life. It is actually a part of our life, we can’t even imagine a life without a relationship. All we know what is relationship. It is a close friendship between two people and they feel love, care and respect towards each other and want to stay together it is called relationship.

But, we guys actually don’t know what true relationship is? “True Relationship” is a special kind of bond between two people that accepts your past, supports your present and encourage your future. When we talk about relationship, first thing that comes in our mind that is love. As we all know the definition of love, but it is exactly what, we don’t understand. To understand a relationship, we first need to understand what love is. “Love” is the most beautiful feeling of this universe. Love never happens at first sight, it’s just an attraction or we can say an infatuation towards anyone. Love is not about saying “I love u” hundred times to your partner.

“Love” means a special kind of connection to your partner, where you would like to do anything for that person, in which your feelings are not in your control. It is something when we completely accept someone to be exactly as he/she is, without having any doubt of changing to your partner. When you truly love someone, their mistakes never change your feelings because it’s the mind that angry but the heart still cares. Love is unconditional, selfless and pure, we can't do it by putting restrictions or conditions on someone. If we love someone, we care for them and respect their feelings too. Now, if two people wants to stay together in a relationship then both of them should be loyal and devoted towards each other. Every relationship has its ups and downs but those who learnt to manage that critical phase of their relationship becomes the successful couple. The root cause of all the problems in a relation that is communication gap, lots of expectations to your partner without knowing either he/she is capable or not and last but not the least that is, give some space to your partner. Everybody wants to live in their own space for some time in a day and your interference in that space might be feel irritating and awkward to your partner. So, please try not to interfere in that.

Everybody wants to make his/her relationship better. If you like so, please follow these tips so that your relationship would become better. Develop trust between you and your partner. Do what you say, you will promise to your partner. Be a good listener. Try not to speak lie to your partner. Don’t dig up old wounds. Don’t be jealous. Don’t ignore your partner in front of your close friends. Be an understandable partner. Respect your partner. Instead of being a good lover, first become a good friend of your partner. Call when you say you will, if you are busy just send them a single text message so that negative thoughts would not come to your partners mind and he/she will able to understand that you are genuinely busy. These simple tips would help you to make your relationship better.

In the last, I would only suggest that no couple counselling, no relationship expert, no professional advice, nothing will work if you do not love your partner. “Love” is very special and it makes everything possible. So, for your special one just completely love them, without having any doubt, or any expectations, just make them feel like top of the world. “This is the best feeling ever.”

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