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*SPOILER ALERT* Don't read this if you want a mindblow of surprises! Consider yourself warned.

This is a series about superhumans, a world of human that looks exactly the same - the scientists have reached the most perfected perfection for the time being. But they are always keen to develop
their humans to even higher lengths. Follow Adriana from the slum of trash and her girlfriend Annas plan to reach the everfloating skyhouses, weekly!

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018




Chapter 1.
Introducing Adriana and Anna


Once upon a time there were two girls, living in a ghetto made of trash. Trash from at least a decayed. Imagine old ruins, houses and skyscrapers, covered in piles and piles of trash. Radioactive trash. These two girls, Adriana and Anna, were not only best friends but also happened to be madly in love. Adriana loved how strong Anna was, how she always knew when Adriana needed a hug or when she needed to be left alone. Anna loved how smart Adriana was, how she let no one else hug her but Anna herself. They both loved how they trusted each other, how they survived this nightmare all alone. Adriana had never met her parents, Anna had a mother who drank every substance that made her forget whatever misery she was in at the moment. Anna did not count her as a parent anymore. So they only had each other, but they preferred it this way.

Adriana made all the planning of course, she had crazy maths skills and always planned the rations of food and money. Anna climbed every wall and roof, making it look like the easiest thing on the planet. Adriana wasn’t bad either, but she always let Anna go first. Adriana planned every week neatly, or as a matter of fact they had had the very same weekly plans for as long as they both could remember. Although they always had Wednesdays as crazy days. Anna couldn’t always stand all the planning, she needed one day of. So Anna came with a proposal every Monday that Adriana planned for Wednesdays, that’s as far as Adriana would ever go from planning.

They both knew that the plans were the only thing that kept them alive in this land made of trash, without it they wouldn’t have figured that the milkman didn’t count his bottle until Monday evening – so Monday morning was when they snitched three of the bottles. Mondays were snitching days, were they snitched food from places Adriana had planned a week before. Tuesday was discovery day, where they would spend the whole day looking for new hideouts that wasn’t too affected by the radiation but still deep down enough in the trash to keep them warm at night. Then crazy Wednesday came, after that Thursday came and they visited Anna’s mother. Although Anna kept saying she didn’t see her mother as her parent anymore, she still wanted to make sure she was okay. And feed her a little bit. Anna always left those meetings in silent tears. That was one of the reason why Anna was strong too, she didn’t care if anyone saw her cry. She just did it because she needed too. She didn’t even bother to dry them away. When Adriana kissed Anna’s cheeks at Thursday nights, they tasted like salt.

Friday where planning day, and then Monday started all over again. No time for any sort of rest. Except tonight, cause today was crazy Wednesday and Anna had planned something very special. Or well, she told Adriana to actually plan it. They were on a roof top, that Anna spotted on one of their discovery Tuesdays. It was one of the highest buildings they’ve ever been on. Here no one could touch them, no one dared to climb this high. No one except Anna, and with a little help – Adriana now too. The thing is that every year at this time of the night something spectacular happened up in the sky. Far, far up – just underneath the ever floating skyhouses - there were fireworks. Large magnificent lightning crossed they sky right between the ruin roofs and the floors of the ever floating skyhouses. Anna grabbed Adriana’s hand and said “We’ll get up there someday, you know that right? We don’t belong here you and I. We deserve better.” Adriana nodded, unconvinced. Anna continued “You’ll see! This time by next year we’ll finally see what’s up there!” Adriana put her face right above Anna’s so she could look into her eyes, she stroke a string of hair behind her ear and said “You always had big dreams”. Anna sat up and smiled “It’s not a dream silly, It’s a plan!”

Right when she had said it they both heard a loud crack that made both their heads turn. There it was more sensational than ever, the big fireworks fulling the otherwise so grey sky with tons and tons of glitter. Both the girls followed the glitter with their eyes, as it turned into small pieces of black papers and finally landing on the everlasting pile of trash that the girls called their home.


To be continued...

© Copyright 2019 J. Nilsdotter Swartswe. All rights reserved.

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