March 2018 Picture Prompt

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Hullabaloo 22 March 2018 Picture Prompt

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



It started off well for Geraldine the mountain hare, winter was coming to an end and the anticipation of a long hot summer stretched out before her. Yes, things were looking up. It's normally during those moments of certainty that life goes pear-shaped.

Geraldine knew it was going to be one of those days, when she saw the Arctic survey ship dock in the harbour. “Hello” she thought, “Those guys are a bit late, it’s near Easter. Surveying is normally done in the winter.”

She was unsure why surveying was done in the winter, she just knew all humans came to the Arctic in the wintertime. If it wasn’t to see that nice man in the red coat it was to see that other nice man, ‘Att-all-borrow’ or something like that.

Geraldine soon got bored watching the comings and goings of the survey ship and went back to binging out on all the new greener that had suddenly sprung up.

Geraldine’s hearing was acute, but this day she failed to hear the whooshing sound of tranquiliser dart leave the high velocity rife.

She felt a small pick, then slipped away off to Hare Nirvana.

How long was she out for, who knew? However, when she woke the fresh green pastures of the Arctic tundra was replaced by columns of tail green glass phials. Looking around she saw she was in the centre of a glass maze.

Her nose twitched, carrots! If she wanted those luscious orange sticks, there was only one answer, she’d have to conquer the maze. 

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