Souls In Nativity Are Fireflies

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Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



Souls In Nativity Are Baby Fireflies


By Alexander Guinevere Kern



It’s Spud White,

Baby Bud fragile.
Soul Larve, 

Swirling Its Light

Scarves, waiting for 


After Nursery Lightening Ladies

Punctured Its shell.


Eyes Geodesic, without emotion

Views a Life in 2 Dimensional

Vision, Flat like the Screen

Of an Old Television.

Still looks that way.


Shifting, shapeless, aimless

As the Mourning Shade

Who haunts your Upper Floors.

It has no shadow, either.

A Bloodless Ghost lamenting.

Souls Visit, Ghosts haunt.


Reviewing Its Life

And hating it - the sorrow drama.

Considers joining the 

Astral Wild Rabble

Than pretend to be Human.

Better Divine Outlaw

Than a mortal Amped up Ape.

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