Midnight Rainbow

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Horror. Flash Fiction.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



Midnight Rainbow


  A strange noise wakes me from my sleep, so I get up

and look out the window. To my surprise there's a brilliant 

rainbow in the midnight sky. I get dressed and go outside

to follow it, to see what's at the end of this beautiful rainbow,

that's appeared in the dead of night. I walk for miles and miles,

for hours through the darkness, till I come to a small run down

cottage by the sea.

  Near it, along the sea shore I can see empty bottles of

laudanum, and the twisted shapes of pink baby dolls, crying

" Mama, Mama " that the waves have crashed in.

  I  go up to the cottage, it looks deserted, the front door

is hanging off its hinges, there's cobwebs all over the windows,

the paint has peeled of the weather board walls.

  I go inside, my mother's in the living room, she's dressed

in old rags, and has an apron on that's covered in blood.

The living room walls are covered with balck and white photos

of mutilated genitalia.

- Thank god you've come!

  My mother's mouth is like a kaleidoscope of teeth.

- What's wrong?

- It's  Johnny, Johnny's had an accident.

- Yeh, where's dad?

  I glance around the living room, at the bones, and the

dismembered garden gnomes, all over the floor, at the horror

masks, at the empty whisky flasks there too.

- The police took him away.

- Again?

- Again!

- Well what's wrong with Johnny?

- He had an accident, he was playing by the railway tracks when

a freight train ran over his leg. I carried him back, and then I had to

go back to get his leg, I wrapped it in my apron, look!

- Yeh, I can see the blood.

- Well I tried to sew it back on with needle and thread, but that didn't

work. I don't know what to do.

- Where is he?

  Mum takes me into his bedroom, where he's laying unconscious

on the bed, he looks just like me, he's my twin. His amputated leg

is on the end of the bed dripping blood. There's photos on the walls

here too, the same as in the living room.

- What are we going to do?

- It looks like he's gone into a coma, from all the pain. I don't think

we can do anything, the best thing to do would be to eat him.

- Eat him?

- Yeh, eat him.

  So mum and me start, it takes about a day or two to finish him

off, and the detached leg as well. When we've finished we carry 

his skull and bones down to the surf, and throw them into

the water.

  Mum looks younger now, very much younger. She looks attractive

too, very attractive! She takes off her clothes,

- I'm going for a swim, you coming in?

- Nah, don't think I will.

- Won't you come for a swim with your mum?

- Gotta get going...

  And I start the long walk home...







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