lost in time and the mountains

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



Timothy Sparse


The poor man arrived at the village in cold sweats. His story isolated from the people standing around him. They looked content and the children were full of life. It was one of the children running with out shoes that was first to notice the man.  He was different, strange even. A pale faced man with blisters on his skin. His energy interrupted hers. His energy felt like death and hers was like a spring that would never go dry. His appearance should have made her uncomfortable. The gun on his back made him look like something that shouldn’t have been seen in that village.  This girl as you would have it was not normal. She wasn’t like children that you may have seen before because she was born from that village and she was raised differently. Because the girl was young she didn’t know that the man would have been an exception. That he was a soldier and someone who’s interest was in direct conflict with her village’s beliefs. Because of these things the girl approached the man and she did it in the most proper way. She approached the man who had keeled over, his skin covered in dirt. She put her fingers to his forehead and helped him to raise his head. In a language the man couldn’t understand he took the hand that the girl intended him to hold and she began to lead him away.

This man didn’t have the energy to follow and the young child knew it and so she allowed the man to put his weight on her as they both walked away. The man nearly fell over before the girl could get him to where she needed. “Splash” The man’s body awoke to life. A shock ran through him that jolted him upright to his knees. He looked up at the smiling girl who was beaming with joy rather then concern. It was as if she hadn’t the slightest thought that he was about to die. The man looked around him to survey the scene and saw several faces staring at him. He looked back to the girl who had just splashed him with water and saw a jug in her hands that had just been refilled brimming to the top with the water that just gave him a second chance at life. The man lunged forward and took the jug from the girl and began to immediately drain the contents into his starving mouth. Some of the villagers nearby gasped and a couple of the men started to run forward when the strange man lunged at the girl.

This man’s name was Timothy and he was a soldier that was being held accountable for desertion. He had participated in a war that was heavily glorified and falsely so. He was just a young man without ambition when he had seen the campaign. The campaign brought him a sense of hope. He felt that it was a calling and when the man on the television pointed at him he really felt like he was the person the man was pointing to. He could have left the war a hero and done anything he desired. His post education would have been fully paid for and he would have been given a luxurious life to accommodate his service. When Timothy flew in to his training grounds he was horrified to see that the training grounds weren’t as they were depicted in the campaign ads. In the campaign the grounds were made to resemble a scene from a children’s summer camp. The realism was that the training grounds were fenced in barricades void of greenery and life. On Timothy’s first day he was welcomed in to a room where he was shaven completely from head to toe. Then he was taken to a room where him and fifty other young men had to hold their hands behind their heads as they were sprayed down with a toxic gas of sorts that was meant to keep them from spreading or receiving lice. It came as a shock to Timothy and the next day wasn’t any better. As an initiation of sorts the new recruits were meant to take direct tear gas to the eyes to understand the effects. They did this in a room with out windows and nearly every recruit including Timothy was left lying on the ground in pain. The recruits were bleeding from their eyes and foreheads because of how hard they were rubbing their faces across the cold concrete to try and escape the burning pain.

Timothy had the option to leave if he had wanted but his parent’s, family and friends were always in the back of his mind telling him that he could never finish anything. He had wanted to prove them wrong and show them to what extent he could go. When Timothy finished training he was thirty pounds heavier. The weight he had gained was from a combination of lard and excessive protein the diet that the camp had him on made him feel violent and compulsive. The camp had slowly whittled him of any thought or emotion by tearing his ego down brick by brick to the point where his only outlet for stress was in his training. Timothy and the remaining recruits in his camp were convinced that they were elite and that they would be honored for their service.

Timothy had allowed the brainwashing to take full effect on him until he had arrived in the mountains of where he was meant to be stationed. Suddenly, the ten soldiers that had made the training program he was a part of didn’t feel so elite. They were the only ten to make it out of a program of fifty. In that statistic they felt pride, but that pride was shattered when they saw thousands of other soldiers along side them. They weren’t promised any form of elite status over the other soldiers and were revered as common foot soldiers, all three thousand of them. At that point any one who desired to leave would be considered a deserter. All three thousand men were then stuck feeling very stupid. Again, they were told that of all the men that had gone through training they were three thousand out of a hundred thousand and that they should be proud. Timothy had wanted to puke in his stomach was nothing but fat and protein and as a result it was often easier to throw up then to defecate When he did throw up the taste was more like shit then something that he should have previously eaten.

The war was intended to be an ambush on terrorist lands that were holding convicted terrorists. The war leaders had fled to the mountains and Timothy was a part of the final effort to chase those leaders down. Timothy was still convinced that what he was doing was good until he came across the first ambush. The village was poor and there wasn’t a single person to defend the attack. Timothy was certain he felt no threat when they invaded and when he observed the scene amidst the gunfire all he could see was everything that he could have ever possibly imagine horrible and wrong balled in to one frame. He had trained along side some of the men he saw firing away at innocent men women and children. Some of the men who he knew were sexually frustrated were raping nearby women. It was as if a pack of wild abused dogs were simply let out. That village was meant to be one of many to be ambushed. By this time Timothy realized that there wasn’t going to be a light at the end of the tunnel and so amidst the chaos he ran.


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