From Under The Sea Part 3

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This is part three to the collaboration I am working on with J.R.Merrick.

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Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



Orin and Selka stood together on the balcony outside his room. Selka had tried to join the battle but the two guards had locked them in the room. She was fuming as they stared down and watched, helpless as people fought. A large pod of killer whales had circled the Dome of Il’dria. They charged down the pillars of water shifting from whale to humanoid. They were different than the Il’drians, they were large people male and female. Even though they were in their human forms they still resembled the orca. From the clothes they wore to the body paint that covered all their exposed skin. The battle was almost over, the last of the huge warriors were shifting back into orcas as they shot up the watery pillars. Cries of pain and grief filled the air. Selka stood at the balcony’s edge gritting her teeth. She slammed her fist down hard on the stone and let out a primal growl.

When Orin asked Selka explained that it was their rival clan. They had a dome similar to Il'dria, far to the north. But that was as far as she had gotten. A horn sounded across the dome and Selka ran to the door. It opened and the guards let her pass. Orin tried to follow her, but the two guards that stood on either side of the doorway, crossed their spears blocking his path. He ran back to the balcony just in time to catch a glimpse of Selka riding out of the castle grounds on the back of what must have been her kelpie. Orin felt a little guilty over how excited he was to see a real-life battle, if only he had been able to join in the fight. He looked over the balcony edge to see if there was any way he could escape, but the fifty-meter drop to the courtyard below made his stomach turn.

Instead Orin paced his room for hours, the route broken only by the occasional detour to bang on the wood door and yell at his guards then he would go back to pacing. He noticed it was getting dark but not because the sun was setting. Since they were so far under the surface very little sun light reached them. Instead the glowing orb on the tower of a pedestal was simply dimming. It was dark now, the screams had long faded, and the castle was quiet. The door opened and one of the guards came into view. He was holding something in his hands and tossed it to Orin. They were cloths but not the common animal-hide clothing he had seen the Il'drians wearing all day. It was a metallic blue tunic that reached about a hands length past his knees and the cloth was softer than the finest silk. The only way Orin could describe the fabric was that it felt like water woven into a cloth. He was also given a brown belt to wear over the tunic, a pair of matching brown pants and sandals.

"Vom’yor," said the guard after he was dressed.

Orin recognized the word as 'follow me' and obeyed. The guard led him from the room and down the hall. He passed several of the red wood doors and went down a couple stair cases and back up another he kind of thought the guard was leading him in circles to confuse him. Finally, they reached a pair of large double doors. These large double doors were not like the red doors Orin had seen so far. This door was ornate and beautiful. It was made up of light pink and teal colors. Orin realized it was a huge piece of coral, the detail in the carvings were breath taking. The scene sculpted on the door was of two groups on the left was the Il’drians and the pinniped they could transform into. On the right was their rival clan and the orcas they turned into. Down the middle, split in half by the two doors, was a man holding an oval container of some kind, he was separating the two peoples.

The door was opened from the other side by a pair of servants and Orin followed his guard through the doorway.
"Ka'har rir, Orin" announced one of the servants. Orin looked over his shoulder at the man, he had never been announced before entering a room. He saw Selka sitting at the table along with the man and translator from the dungeon. Selka did not smile as she had before. She was solemn as was the king, and every one for that matter. 
The king spoke and the translator translated, "Welcome Orin of Ireland. Please sit and eat with us, we have much to discuss." Orin obeyed and took a seat next to the translator and across from Selka. The king was at the end of the table on the translator’s left side. Servants flooded the room putting plate after plate of food on the table. Orin's stomach growled when he saw the thick cuts of red meat cooked to what looked to be a perfect medium rare. His mouth watered and he tried not to drool. He filled his plate with meat and with something that looked and tasted like potatoes. As the king ate he gestured to the translator who swallowed a bite of food took a swig of what Orin suspected to be Il'drian wine and begun to talk.
"First let me introduce myself I am Adair translator and wise man to the king, and this is King Fergus. The king would like to apologize for keeping you locked up like this but as you can tell it isn’t always a safe place outside of the castle. And as you know we have been trying to decide what to do about your presence here in Il'dria."
Orin thought it was weird that Adair named himself before the king and declared himself "wise man" but maybe this was a common term here, so Orin brushed the thought away and listened.
"We have made a decision. We cannot allow you to return to the surface. You will remain here, a faithful servant to his majesty the king, and you will be able to prove yourself and gain a position within our community." Orin's mind was racing he was so excited, this was exactly what he was wanting.
He put on a serious face and replied, "As you wish your grace," he bowed his head as he spoke. He looked a Selka who managed flashed him that mischievous smile. She had barely touched her food and still looked down.
"If you don’t mind me asking my lord, how did the Il'drians fair in the battle today?" Asked Orin.
Adair and King Fergus spoke, then the king nodded, "We took many casualties, but so did the Morfir. Somehow we did not see them coming." Looking like he had just had an idea Adair quickly whispered something to the king, who thought for a minute and then nodded.
"Orin, the king has just approved of a way for you to prove yourself." Adair looked from Selka and Orin, "The only way the Morfir could have gotten this close to Il'dria is if we have a traitor within the clan. The king would like you and Selka to find the traitor." Selka sat up strait her depressed face changed to one of joyful determination. 

Orin was glad that him and Selka would be working together, he liked the princess. He thought about her as he walked back to his room the guard was no longer at his side. He looked around the castle went one way and then the other. He could not remember where his room was. After wondering around the castle for way too long he rounded a corner and almost knocked Selka to the ground. They steadied themselves and laughed a little. Orin took a second to really look at her. She was wearing the same dress from dinner that looked to be made from the same material as his tunic. The straps crossed her chest and around her neck leaving her shoulders exposed. It was loose fitting but showed her curves and was a metallic turquoise blue. The color complimented her pale skin and auburn hair, her grey eyes and white irises where mesmerizing.
"Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going." Orin said.
"It’s ok, what are you doing on this side of the castle?" She asked.
"Umm... well if I knew what side I was on I might be able to answer that. Truth is I have been wondering around looking for my room since dinner." He said as he scratched his head.
She laughed, "Come on I will show you. And just so you know this is the west wing of the castle your room is in the east wing." 
He had so many questions he wanted to ask and since they had a long walk ahead of them he decided now would be a good time.
"Selka, I was wondering, who are the Morfir? Why are you at war with them?" He asked.
"The Morfir are vicious blood thirsty barbarians, they are cursed," Orin was surprised by the passion she spoke with.
"Where do they come from, where do the Il'drians come from for that matter?" He asked.
"It is a long story, I will give you the short version. A long, long time ago at the beginning of time there was a man who possess amazing powers. He is the one who created the orbs, he is the reason we can change forms. There were two brothers, it was the man’s dream that they would rule together. One named Il'drian and the other Morfir. The man divided up his powers and between the two brothers and the clans were born but jealousy, envy, and rage gave birth to a war that has been going on ever since."
Orin processed the story and remembered the coral door. The two clans separated by a man. He didn’t ask any more questions he wanted to process what she had told him.

“I want to start looking for the spy tomorrow morning. So, meet me in the yard after breakfast and we will get started,” Said Selka.

Orin was so excited he didn’t think he could sleep but he was wrong he quickly fell into a deep sleep.

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