Dear Oak

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Hello tree, I missed you. A poem about a lonely tree.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



The tall oak tree stretches across the grey night sky.

Nearly naked branches extending, grasping, searching.

Illuminated by a crimson yet blue moon and a solitary streetlight.

The two lights cast their pale gaze and create shadowy silhouettes in the night.

The oak’s eyes stare at me with silent intensity.


Are you cold now that your blanket of leaves is gone?  

Do you feel the chill of the winter air down to your roots?

The wind whistles past the bough at high speeds.

Do you shake and cry when the wind gusts too?


Are your colorful leaves love letters that

you sent to another, leaving you cold and defenseless?

Did your blanket of letters finally touch their heart this year?

Do you give up your blanket to show that you care?

Do you also know the freezing feeling of despair?


Why do you come back to life in the Spring?

Is everything really that amazing?  


Why do you wake back up while others sleep?

Why can I hear you when no one else hears the words you speak?


The sparse and scattered leaves remaining on the tree look at me sadly.

We finish our final conversation and I walk away.

At least I will be free.

Thank you so much, my dear oak tree.


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