A poem about the perspectives of both black & white people.

to be honest, I really love you Black Monkeys with your nappy hair.
I think we should cage your children in Zoos for tourist attraction,
just to show you :
90% of your race is unemployed —
so you should stop complaining and start enjoying your poverty.
you're so disrespectful, it's like you forgot WE ARE SUPERIOR!
wear a suit, and go get a job you brainless NIGGA!
to be honest, I really hate you White pigs painted with colourless skins!
you treated my people like slaves,
enslaved all our minds,
inverted Christianity to feed us lies,
telling my people that God lives in a place called "Heaven" in the sky.
White People are just the devil in disguise!
you placed us in educational schools to waste our time,
take notes - as you teach Black People how to die.
labelled as a threat to society; you don't want to see us alive.
A White men laughs, as a Black women cries.
The Pains of Racism.

Submitted: March 25, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Kutlwano Christian-Tripp Moloi. All rights reserved.

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