Give Them This, Give Them That,

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The chanting sound got my attention, and straight away, I went out to check what it was all about.

From where I was on the veranda, I could see the young man going around the tree in his garden and chanting, ''Give them this, give them that!'' At the same time he was jerking his hips to the left and to the right. I was thinking, what for God's sake was he doing. Was he performing some sort of tribal dance or what?
Walking across to his fence, I asked him what was the purpose of what he was doing. He came over to me at the fence. ''That is a dance to woe the young ladies.'' He told me, with a big grin on his face.
I asked him, ''Does it work?''
''Every time,'' he told me. ''First, you have to do the dance, then you go out and woe them.''
''That easy?''
''Nothing more you hav e to do.'' He assured me.
''Would it work for me?''
''It works for anyone who does it,'' he said.
''Suppose I tell you that there's another way of getting the girl. We call it ''chatting up,'' you just have to be polite, take the girl out, and if she likes you, you can keep on doing it, until you both feel it's right to live together.''
''That's old fashion,'' he told me. ''All you have to do is ''give them this, give them that,'' he was doing the movements again.
''I prefer to stick with the old fashion way for it works, that's for sure. Your way, could offend. And not everyone would like ''give them this, give them that.''
''I've had no problem with it ever since I took it up. Girls galore.!''
''Oh, yes, I see. You're after more than one girl. I am only looking for one girl--the right one.''
''You can be doing that for the rest of your life. But if you should ''give them this, give them that,'' you'd be much safer, with no problems at all.''
''I like to go out and meet a girl, and if she's free, I'll start chatting her up. That's the way we do it.'' I said to him.
''Come down with me one night and I'll show you how I get my girl. Are you willing to do that?''
''Yes, I think I could find the time.''
''Okay, then it's settled. Say next Friday?''

Friday night I met the dancer, and he told me his name was Carl. I told him mine was John. There were many girls at the place he took me to. They were even outside with glasses in their hands and chatting away. There was a bench on the right-hand side of the entrance, and Carl said to me,''Watch this!'' he went over to it and three girls were there and chatting. He started his dance, and when he was finished, one of the girls went with him inside the bar. I followed behind. Up at the bar, I said to him, ''Watch carefully, how we gentlemen get a girl by chatting her up, and keeping her for a long time. How long will this one stay with you?''

''Let me see you perform,'' he said, jokingly. Just behind me were some girls at a table. I walked over, introduced myself, and started with a story that was very enjoyable. Then I asked if any of them were married or engaged or courting. The long black haired one said that she was free. I asked if she would like a drink. She said yes, and I went to the bar and ordered. I said to Carl;, while I was there, ''I hope you have taken notes from what I just did.'' The music suddenly went down soft, and other music came on. Carl went out on the floor and started his tribal dance, ''give them this, give them that,'' for about ten minutes. The music stopped and all the girls crowded around him. Then he took some cards out his pocket, signed them, and gave one each to those around him.

The End.

Submitted: March 25, 2018

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