Food For Thought Part 1

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Present Events On The Earthly Plane

Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



From 'The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World'

Present Events On The Earthly Plane

Rays of Wisdom – The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World – Present Events On The Earthly Plane

Many of you are by now aware that thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that all of you together are responsible for the present sad state of your world. Through the thinking and behaviour patterns you developed in the course of many lifetimes, each one of you for a long time has been doing their share of making it that way. But those who are reading these words may have reached the major turning point of their spiritual development, for which they have been waiting for a long, long time. I am laying the tools into your own hands to make this lifetime into one that is different from every one you experienced before.

If you so wish, your present lifetime can be filled with countless opportunities for paying the spiritual debts you once incurred with the people around you as well as your whole world. Everyone is offered the chance to make good where, without exception, you once sinned profusely. Although this too was part of My great plan of life and therefore with My permission, as the Book of Genesis of the Abrahamic religions prove, this kind of behaviour is not meant to continue indefinitely.

The time will come on the Earth when even the last one of you has risen from their spiritual slumber, matured into spiritual adulthood and now freely and willingly wishes to do their best to put things right and treat Mother Earth, as your host for a time, with the respect and love she so richly deserves. You will then be treading the path of the mysteries and to enable you to do this successfully, you need to take good care of yourself and your surroundings. In all your endeavours seek to create peace and harmony and aim to be precise and particular in your thinking, for this is the foundation on which all spirit life is built. Each one of you has to learn the wise use of the power of My healing magic, the white magic of life, in their thoughts. As aspiring healer and lightbringer you are tapping into and working with it. All of you possess psychic gifts, at least in seedform. Their development is a preliminary to the opening of the gifts of My Christ power, which is waiting to come alive in ever more of you.

To this day many things that on the surface of life appear terrible still have to take place in your world. They are a necessary part of the clearing out process of some of humankind’s most ancient individual and collective Karmic debts that have been waiting for a long time to be redeemed. Everything that is presently happening is an essential part of the breaking down of the old order. This brings with it a purifying and cleansing of your race’s earthly mind, which is accompanied by an opening of your heart centres. In these days of ever speeding up pace of scientific and technological progress it is of great importance to take care that your earthly mind does not become so powerful that it takes over, as this usually brings with it the closing down of the heart centre.

The wise ones who are working behind the scenes on the higher and highest levels of life on your behalf are aware of this. They are doing their best to inspire each one of you to open their heart, because all human hearts are part of the Universe’s great heart of love and compassion. The more widely you open yours, the better the Angels and Masters can use you as a channel through which the blessing and healing power of the Divine love can flow into your world. This is how the seed of the Christ spirit comes alive in you and is born, and that is the only true salvation of humankind. The awakening of the individual Christ spirit in ever more of you is the true and only saviour and redeemer of your whole race and your world.

Therefore, go forth with thankfulness in your heart for the spiritual knowledge that is now coming to your world and flowing into all of you. As prophesied by the Jesus legend, greater miracles than the ones described in this tale you shall see and they will come about through each and every one of you. To fulfil your Karmic obligations, it may be that some more suffering has to be endured by you and your world before this can happen. But in due course all of you will be able to see the evidence of My Divine will and power, love and wisdom at work everywhere in earthly life.

There is no need to shy away from any of these things, as whatever you used to think of as being in the Heavens above and therefore infinitely removed from you, is actually also in you. It takes a long time before your small earthly self finds out that each one of you in truth has a strong affinity with all planes and levels of life, from the lowest up to the highest. On the physical and mental, etheric and spiritual level identical life atoms are as much present in you as they are in spheres far away from the Earth. And within each one of you there is a connection with the energies and influences of the planets, not only of your solar system but throughout the whole of Creation.

Many highly evolved souls choose another lifetime in physicality not for the purpose of seeking pleasure, but for the sake of helping humankind in some way. This does not necessarily mean endlessly attending meetings and workshops or ostentatiously doing good works. It may well be that the very presence of you brings joy and comfort to the lives of those around you, for example the family you were born into and the one in which you act as a parent. In that case scattering your energies and forces will be neither good for you nor anyone else.

Whatever your present occupation may be, your best work is done when you are true to your real nature as a son/daughter of God and provide, comfort and love, warmth and light for all the flowers that bloom in the garden of your life, wherever you may find yourself. After all, you are a spark of the Divine, of Me, a chip off the old block, as you might say. From love you have come and to love you are returning. The Jesus legend provided your world with many demonstrations of what can be achieved with the help of the power and glory of My love, the Christ love, which throughout the whole of My Creation produces light in all its manifestations.

I am the Solar Logos and when the Christ-consciousness within you is stimulated, you begin to understand the nature of light and how to receive and respond to My emanations. This does not require being particularly intellectual or clever from any one of you. If anything, an over-developed earthly mind may keep the door of your superconscious faculties firmly closed, making it impossible to come to comprehend the higher and highest aspects of life.

It is for this reason that many of your scientists are struggling with the concept of the existence of spiritual realms of much higher vibrations than those of earthly life. They fail to understand that these areas are of much greater importance than anything on the Earth plane, because without them there would be no life on your planet or elsewhere. As long as the door to the superconscious faculties of these people remains closed, they will find it impossible to perceive anything that lies beyond the end of their noses. Whenever you encounter souls who are still in this state of their development, the only thing you can sensible do is to love them form your heart the way they are, the way you love and respect the whole of humankind.

Be as tolerant and compassionate, kind and loving as you can in all your encounters and especially with your younger and less experienced siblings in the great family of humankind. Be careful not to create obstacles in your minds where in truth there are none, because your imagination is a powerful tool. And if you think of the young souls around you the way they one day really will be, you are helping them to bring this state about. Your imagination is part of Mine. In both of us it is the source of the creative process. I hold the whole of My Creation in My mind, where each one of you exists as a minute creature that has something of Me in it and who contains the power of growing, evolving and constantly increasing in consciousness. I am spirit, masculine, and soul, feminine, and each one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, is a spark that contains one of My seeds. This seed atom of you contains the whole Universe.

And when you have spiritually matured sufficiently you not only wish that your friends and family but the whole of humankind and your world should find genuine and lasting health and happiness. This can and will come regardless of what may still have to happen on the physical plane of life. Never forget that every one of you is a spirit and soul who possesses every one of My characteristics and powers. Among them are psychic powers many are presently in the process of developing. Under the guidance and protection of the Angels and Me these gifts will eventually enable all of you to travel their pathway through life with the complete inner peace of knowing that at all times you are doing the right things. This applies not only on the Earth plane but wherever else your future explorations may take you in the whole of My Creation.

Before this can happen, with the passing of time your whole earthly personality complete with its physical body and mind, spirit and soul needs to develop into a pure white temple of kindness and goodness. Only then can the light of My Spirit fill your whole being and shine through you into those around you and your world. For any of you, My beloved children of the Earth, as a spark of the Divine there is nothing too high or too great for you to achieve. This I am telling you to comfort and heal you of all pain and weariness the earthly condition inevitably brings with it.

The knowledge of these things raises your spirit into the consciousness of the infinite and eternal world of spirit, your true home in which you constantly have your being, in spite of the fact that for a long time your earthly self is unaware of it. Through countless aeons you will continue to have your existence in this world, for – as you know by now – in truth there really is no death, only eternal life. Rediscovering this is the birthright of every one of you. It is My gift with which I am blessing the whole of humankind.

At the end of your earthly education you are going to learn how to use physical matter instead of allowing it to dominate you. Before this process can begin you need to become aware that even though every so often you are playing the role of an earthling, you have never stopped being a spark of the Divine, of My light. Each new lifetime on the Earth that is granted to you serves the purpose of taking you closer to discovering your inner light, so that it may commence shining in the darkness of your present existence. You are then doing your share of transmuting your own and your planet’s heavy atoms of matter into the light and vibrant ones of the spirit.

Each one of you was created to fulfil one specific task in the transformation of Mother Earth into a planet of healing and peace. And every soul has its own pathway to walk, role to play, work to do and truth to find. In your search for truth, forget about finding it in history books, for they were written to promote the glory of the winners and are therefore filled with untruths. Look into your own heart instead and learn to listen to Me, the small still voice of your conscience. Bear in mind that your own work can only be done by you and that your neighbour’s job is not yours, and that all pathways are equally valuable and good. Every one is in keeping with the evolutionary level a soul has reached at any given moment and the Karma it has brought with it. Everything has always been part of the great evolutionary plan for all life and the design for humankind’s spiritual development is an integral part it.

The essence of a White Eagle teaching in ‘Festivals & Celebrations’: ‘You are actively creating vibrations of peace whenever you aspire towards God. The Divine light within you expands and grows through thinking good and positive thoughts only and sending all your hopes, dreams and aspirations up to the highest realms of life. This is how you slowly but surely evolve into a vortex of spiritual light and power, who eventually will be capable of consciously and subconsciously commanding everything that is good. Your life then takes on a new aspect. You feel a quiet harmony within as your confidence in God grows. True faith in God means trusting that all things are working together for good, not only in your life but for the whole of your world.

‘The cycles of life will never cease to move forwards and upwards in a spiral. In spite of patches of darkness, known to humankind as evil, you and your world have always been progressing. And now God’s heavenly light is penetrating ever more deeply into people’s minds and their hearts are opening. One by one they are reaching out for love and compassion, goodwill and righteousness.’

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