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Chapter 65 (v.1) - Healing The Conflicts Between Nations

Submitted: November 04, 2018

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Submitted: November 04, 2018



Healing The Conflicts Between Nations

Rays of Wisdom – Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey – Healing The Conflicts Between Nations

The Age of Aquarius is bringing many opportunities for the healing of every one of the conflicts that to this day are disturbing the peace and harmony of our world. This applies as much to private conflicts as to national and international ones. Among the longest standing ones is the quarrel between India and Pakistan. But before we take a closer look at this situation, I would like to draw your attention to a video from another part of my jottings in the chapter ‘The Bird Of Paradise’:

•‘Closing The India And Pakistan Border ’

Our friends and helpers in the world of light recommend that we should at all times look for the humorous side of things. The following is the essence of a White Eagle teaching that appeared in ‘The Spontaneous Joy Of The Spirit’ Stella Polaris Aug/Sept 2011: ‘If you do not wish to remain chained to the heaviness of the Earth atmosphere, do not be too serious and solemn in your approach to life. Be very still and quiet, but also have the joy of the spirit singing within you and the spirit’s laughter on your faces and in your hearts. We, your spirit guides in the world of light, have a sense of humour and nothing gives us greater pleasure than witnessing the joy of the spirit bubbling in you. We encourage you to be happy with your lot in life and to develop a zest for living that is based on knowing that whatever happens in your world is part of God’s great plan of life for humankind, that it is there for wise higher reasons and therefore right.’

Following this advice and having first enjoyed the humorous side of the video, we shall now reflect on the sad and serious side which the changing of the border guards between India and Pakistan represents. My reflections are based on the observations of an Indian friend, who responded to a recent sharing of the above video with my worldwide circle of friends and spiritual family.

My friend’s insights have been woven into my notes. He began with: ‘I feel the need to share with you some of my thoughts and reflections on the strange state of affairs that for such a long time has existed between India and Pakistan. In my view this conflict was created quite needlessly by the egos of the people who took charge of the two countries and their demands when their nations gained their independence. One cannot help wondering why both sides refuse to give in and surrender – to peace maybe? To the small earthly self’s ego the word ‘peace’ can be as disguising, meaningless and therefore dangerous one as the word ‘war’. So long as this part of the human nature keeps the upper hand and in pursuit of its own selfish aims, the perception of things can be so smooth that it infiltrates and gets in the way of humankind’s higher nature and the only states it knows of truth and love, peace and enlightenment, and the wise handling of power.

The daily ritual of changing the guards in the video is not merely a stage show. What you are seeing is very real indeed and the severity of the feelings the soldiers have for each other shows in their faces and that is taking its toll on their health. This kind of behaviour is based on the animosity that emerged from the feudal systems of India and Pakistan. India has never been able to find a solution for its problems with Pakistan. To this day that country is based on the landlords system, which it simply continued since it first came into being. Before the two countries gained their independence from the British empire in 1947, in both of them this method of government had been the prevailing one for a very long time.

Nothing much has changed in India, although this is well disguised by democracy. Yet, in spite of all the flaws of this method of governing some better sense has prevailed in India. What emerged in Pakistan was a continuation of the ancient feudal system. It had been poisoned by the religious fanaticism of people who may know that the purpose of their religion is total surrender to God, but do not yet understand what this truly means. The following is an extract from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World – Total Surrender To God’:

‘Muslims believe that the Quran is the verbatim word of God as it was revealed to the Islamic prophet and messenger Muhammad. They also follow the sunnah teachings and practices of Muhammad as recorded in traditional accounts called hadith. Muslim is an Arabic word that means one who submits to God. Many of them to this day have yet to discover what total surrender to Me entails, namely by obeying My laws, in particular the laws of love and Karma, as well as that of equal rights and duties for all My children of the Earth.

‘Total surrender to Me means letting go of your small earthly self’s ambitions for self-aggrandisement, powerseeking, empire building and the endless warmongering these things bring in their wake. When instead in your visions to see yourself as unselfishly serving Me in some kind of fashion, you are ready to be used as a channel for bringing renewed hope, faith and trust to your world, so that peace and goodwill may come to it at last. That’s when you are surrendering your small earthly self and nailing it to the cross of the spiritual ignorance of Earth life.

‘The more you act kind and loving, thoughtful and compassionate, tolerant and patient towards everything that crosses your path in all your daily encounters, the more God-like you are becoming. As are doing your share of establishing My kingdom on the Earth for all members of the human race and everything that shares it with you, your final loving reunion with Me grows ever closer. There is no need for anyone to wait for it until you have left the earthly plane. When I, your Highest or God Self, have finally taken over your whole being – while you are still dwelling there – you have evolved into a Christed one in your own right.’

Proclaiming to follow the Quran’s teachings, the true meaning of which they cannot yet grasp, religious fanatics seem to happily sacrifice their lives and their own wellbeing, that of their loved ones, their country and – because on the inner level of life all is one –, ultimately our whole world. One cannot help wondering how they would behave if they knew that in truth the main purpose pursued by the leaders of their religion has always been to use it as an excuse for making war on others.

I believe the only thing that in the long run can bring about a better future for the people of all countries that are still involved in religious power struggles can only come from the spiritual background of life. It is necessary to reach beyond our earthly existence and humbly asking the wise ones in charge of us and our world for their intervention. All our hopes rest with a steadily increasing worldwide decline of the patriarchy and its religions with their lust for powerseeking and empire building and the warmongering as the result of these desires.

The India/Pakistan conflict, the same as all others that are still raging in our world, will be resolved when progressively more followers of the warring factions realise that all their sacrifices can ever hope to achieve is satisfying this lust of their leaders. What can we as aspiring healers and lightworkers do to help all concerned with their awakening into the true purpose and meaning of their earthly life? I find it best to ask my inner guidance to show me how to go about it safely in meditations, quiet reflections and prayers.

As we know by now, thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and all powers that are in God are also in us, for good and evil, war and peace. It is up to each one of us individually to decide how would like to use them. To enable us to choose wisely we need to learn to differentiate between good and evil, darkness and light. And how would anyone ever have been able to recognise good without first experiencing evil and the hurt, harm and suffering it causes? Don’t you think that our world has been teaching us this lesson sufficiently by now and that the time is ripe for some profound changes in the general perception of the purpose and meaning of our earthly existence?

To bring about the transformation our world so desperately needs, the task before us is trying to help as many as possible of those around us to become aware that we are responsible for every scrap of what we do in this world and especially for what we inflict upon others. Everybody has to have at least a basic knowledge of the Universal laws, God’s laws, which see to it that everything finds its way back to its sender, including every one of our evil thoughts, words and deeds. They unerringly return to those who committed them. Everything we are at any given moment inflicting upon others one way or another is sure to find its way back to us, either later during the same lifetimes or in future ones. It will not come to us as some kind of punishment or retribution, but merely as a lesson to teach us what the evil we once spread feels like.

The result of this is a normal human reaction. Whenever something unpleasant and traumatic happens to us, we want to be a kinder and more loving person than those who hurt and wounded us, someone who does better than they are doing or did. Not wishing to be like them motivates us to walk the road of good, irrespective of what the cost of that will be to us in the long run. As soon as we have learnt to prefer forgiving to seeking revenge for crimes that have been committed against us, the balance of the spiritual bankbook of our life is restored and we are setting each other free. This is how in the fullness of time all evil that to this day is still in us and our world is going to gradually eradicate itself.

Being aware that our thinking creates our realities for tomorrow and beyond, each in their own way needs to do their share of bringing peace not only to India and Pakistan, but our whole world. It can be done in simple ways by dreaming of a time when ordinary citizens of the two countries rise and demand their human rights as God’s children of the Earth. That’s what I am doing and I herewith invite those who are reading these words to dream with me of a united India and Pakistan, as part of the unification of our whole world. This can be made much more powerful by sharing it with our friends on Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

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