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Chapter 89 (v.1) - The Christ Nature's Awakening

Submitted: December 19, 2018

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Submitted: December 19, 2018



The Christ Nature’s Awakening

Rays of Wisdom – Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey – The Christ Nature's Awakening

The awakening of our Christ nature has nothing to do with whether we presently belong to any of the religions of our world. Even if we have never set foot in any church or chapel in this lifetime, because we have chosen to remain a free spirit – like me – by virtue of being a spark of the Universal Christ, each one of us already is a Christian. We could be a much better and more conscientious one than many of those attend church every Sunday for exchanging the latest gossip without having a good word to say about anyone. To them Jesus is God and God is in the church. Believing that no-one is watching them, they happily stab a knife into anyone’s back.

It stands to reason that being aware that God is part of us and with us at all times is bound to make a world of difference to our thinking and behaviour patterns, for we then know that every one of our thoughts, words and actions is observed and has to be accounted for by us. We are responsible for it. But of course, I can stick my head into the sand in ostrich-fashion and insist on literalism or, for simplicity’s sake, become an atheist or agnostic, someone who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God, thus denying myself my higher nature and origin, at least for this lifetime. As ever, the choice is mine.

Flying on the mighty wings of the Great White Spirit is the essence of the Aquarian Age’s freedom. This means trusting what the small still voice in our heart says is true and following its guidance without hesitation. It means being unhampered by the chains and shackles of any kind of belief system that tries to tie humankind to its kind of dogma and creed. This leaves behind the power-crazy desires of the patriarchy for building worldwide empires and gaining dominion over the hearts and souls of our whole race. These things are going from our world in the natural course of events, as ever more of us prefer to listen to the guidance received from the mind in our heart, rather than anything else.

The wisdom of the feminine, the Great Mother, is returning to us and our world and the more Her qualities re-establish themselves in all human hearts, the easier the last remnants of the patriarchy will be swept away and peace come to our world, at last. Interpreting the Jesus story as a legend helps us to become aware that there is a great deal more to every human being than anyone would have thought possible in past ages. None of us is merely like a marionette in the hands of an inscrutable and merciless fate, intent on dragging us and our world ever deeper into the abyss of pain and suffering, inflicted with such relish on our world by those in positions of power during the days of the patriarchy.

Wise ones happily and thankfully accept that God and the Angels are in charge of us and our world, constantly guiding and protecting us – mostly against our individual and collective follies. They are working very hard to make it clear to us that with their help we and our world are destined to move ever onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. The Angels want us to know that we are by no means as helplessly at the mercy of any kind of force, be it of a higher or lower nature, than we used to believe in past times.

In the course of developing our Christ nature by changing our thinking and behaviour patterns of past ages and letting go of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of past ages, we empower ourselves to not only become a light and blessing for our world, but also a saviour and redeemer of ourselves and the whole Earth. And if what we are doing makes sense to the people around us and their inner guidance acknowledges that we are doing is also right for them, they are likely to follow in our footsteps.

Highly evolved Christians will undoubtedly be able to perceive the way the Jesus story should eventually be understood by each one of us. When looked at as a legend, Christianity emerges as the truly universal (catholic = universal) religion it originally set out to be. This is highly unlikely to happen if the matter were left in the hands of the traditionally run churches of our time alone. God and the Angels are constantly with all of us and remind us that our thoughts create our reality and have the power of bringing that which we really want into being. In the same manner it is possible to remove or uncreate the things produced in the days of ignorance when we knew nothing of such things. So, let’s get to work.

Taking every word of the sacred texts of any kind literally has been the way of the past and of the lesson in the kindergarten days of humankind’s earthly education. Moving ever deeper into the spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age, the time has come for going in search of the higher esoteric meaning of the myths, tales, parables and other religious teachings that ever graced our world with their presence. Finding them is the task of those who have reached a sufficient degree of spiritual maturity. Their motto is: ‘Out with the old and in with the new’.

For educational reasons the religions of the past had to remain unaware that their aim of world domination would in the fullness of time be achieved, but in a very different manner from the one various church elders to this day are dreaming of. The religion of the new age is an inner knowingness that no longer has any need for institutionalised churches and their dogmata and creeds, which throughout the ages have supplied their followers with ever fresh excuses for a continuation of their patriarchic warmongering. It is not part of God’s great plan that this should go on forever, far from it.

The religion of the Aquarian Age has freed itself from all negative and destructive ideas and concepts. God and the Angels are with us, they are guiding and showing us how to bring it to our world and make our contribution towards establishing it. I love following their instructions. How about you? The new religion comes down from the highest levels of life to the lowest earthly ones, without any discrimination whatsoever. The old belief systems were of the head and had to be regulated by organisations who forced them upon people. In contrast to this, the new religion is of the heart and freely chosen. The language of love knows no bounds and has no need for institutions of any kind. It merely consists of the love we freely give to each other, which is gladly received and reciprocated by all.

It seems to me that, through taking them literally, the religions of the past more than anything have been about teaching us about the darkest and most dangerous aspects of human nature. But, they also have the potential for taking each and every one of us to the loftiest heights of human achievements, simply by recognising their sacred texts for what they truly always have been: myths and legends. That is precisely what will happen, as ever more of us insist on bringing forth the best and highest within them, their Christ nature, without looking for any kind of reward, as being such a God-like personality on the Earth plane is enough in itself.

James Allen wrote: ‘The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.’ To help us make humankind’s dream of a peaceful world into a reality on the Earth plane is the reason why the religious/spiritual curtain on the vast stage of life for some time has been lifting. Ever more of the spiritual background of life is revealing itself to our astonished eyes.

As we know by now, it was for wise reasons that it had to remain hidden from public view and knowledge until fairly recently. But now at last the time is right to disclose that all along the story of Jesus’ life has been a legend and that the holy man is a symbol for the characteristics of humankind’s own Christ nature. Our Divine inheritance and most precious and valuable asset is this the holy part of our being and as earthlings we have not only the right to claim it and make it our own, it is our duty. As each one of us evolves and grows, our world does the same and through this process the Mother Earth slowly but surely evolves into an ever better, more beautiful and peaceful place for all lifeforms she holds in her loving embrace.

When understood as a legend, the Jesus story is easily recognised as a sequence of parables and metaphors. They were created to familiarise us in as gentle, kind and loving manner as possible, with the many initiations every human soul has to be subjected to on its pathway of evolving into a Christed one, in its own right. For a while that lasted around six thousand years, a mere batting of an eyelid in God’s time, with the help of many different myths and fables, the goalposts on the outer level of earthly life – to use an expression of our time – were moved ever more outwards and away from God’s wisdom and truth.

This was necessary for teaching us the lessons required for the development of the masculine force, God’s power aspect and also humankind’s. Through many practical examples of showing how the affect life on the Earth plane the patriarchy taught us everything our world needed to know about the use and abuse of power in all its forms, in which every human soul at some stage of its development in physicality has to take part. This will continue until the last one of us has learnt the wise use of power.

For anyone who has reached this goal, the perception of our world and their place in it gradually the above mentioned goalposts move where they should be. Their spiritually and esoterically correct position lies halfway in the middle between the power and wisdom of the masculine and the feminine on all levels of life. Once the God and Goddess within us have learnt how to work together harmoniously and for the highest good and greatest joy of all, the power of the inner masculine and feminine are at peace. And because nothing can happen in the world around us unless it has first manifested itself on the inner level, peace will come on our planet in the natural course of events, as ever more of us on the inner level are making their peace between the factions of their nature that once were at odds with each other.

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