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Chapter 91 (v.1) - We Are All Winners

Submitted: December 21, 2018

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Submitted: December 21, 2018



We Are All Winners

Rays of Wisdom – Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey – We Are All Winners

As we move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, the pull of the Christ Spirit, the living God within, gradually grows stronger in all human souls and makes itself increasingly known. Throughout our whole development on the Earth plane Its sole aim is coax us along, so that we may reach ever greater levels of awareness and aim for achievements that fulfil our highest potential by unselfishly serving the highest good and the greatest joy of all. Realising that this quite naturally includes us and our own wellbeing, the desire for pursuing selfish goals has left us of its own accord.

We are aware that whatever happens on this our pathway back home into the oneness with God and all life, there are no losers, even though at times it may look that way. The most wonderful thing about earthly life is that, for as long as we make sure we learn something from every experience, we shall always be a winner, because through gaining in wisdom and understanding we are growing ever more Heaven-tall. And that, when all is said and done, from the moment of our first appearance on the Earth plane, has been the purpose of every one of our lifetimes, including this one.

I hope and pray that one of these days everyone’s inner vision will have opened and their religious/theological/spiritual horizons expanded sufficiently, so that all of us can recognise that the new spiritual knowledge we have been receiving for some time in no way poses a threat to any of the old belief systems of our world. I am convinced that there will come a time when their more highly evolved followers – for many of them this is no doubt already happening – will be able to perceive that in truth every bit of the new wisdom represents an extension, enhancement and enlargement of the themes they know so well.

Wise ones know intuitively that the appearance of the new material is part of a natural renewal process the old religions need to undergo. This can only come about by searching behind the surface words of the teachings that have come to us from past ages, to see how they connect with realities that lie on the higher and highest levels of life, which thus far had been kept beyond the horizons of earthly experiences and understanding.

There comes a point in every soul’s development when our mind opens up to the new knowledge that is now flowing into the heart and soul of humankind, and we can see for ourselves that the only reason for its coming is to move us and our world forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. We shall then be one of the people of whom it has been said that they will inherit the Earth, because the wisdom we are finding motivates us to behave in a meek and gentle, quiet and peaceful manner. People like us create the necessary balance to the loud ones who to this day enjoy taking part in conflicts and wars. We meek ones let them get on with it, because we know that when we hold steadfast onto what the living God within tells us, we will eventually triumph over all turmoil.

Those who are truly meek and humble in spirit are aware that in truth nothing on the Earth plane belongs to anyone. They know that God is the true owner of everything and that all their earthly possessions, including their physical body, are but borrowed for a certain time. We thankfully return them to Mother Earth when we depart from the material plane of life. We wise ones are glad that we too belong to God and no-one else, and that beyond the things we really need for our existence, there is no need for endless amounts of earthly possessions. All we need and want to take with us into Eternity is the spiritual wisdom and understanding we have been fortunate enough to add to in our most recent lifetime.

When our consciousness has fully merged with God’s and therefore with all life, we have long lost the desire to own anything on the Earth plane, because we know that all of it belongs to God and rests safely in Its loving hands. Consciously being part of God, we know that everything is ours to take and do with as we please – if that’s what we wanted to do. We are aware that we have become worthy of being trusted to handle every aspect of God’s Creation with the greatest respect and care. For us the only way of acting is in harmony with the laws of the Cosmos, God’s laws, and the will and wishes of the Highest, known to the Angels and through them also to us.

Modesty and mildness are the road to God-power because they connect us with our Highest or God Self. The Divine spirit has no difficulties entering those who happily accept that all life belongs to Him/Her and therefore also to them. When we behave in a God-like manner at all times, we ourselves gradually grow ever more God-like and the Universal Force provides us with everything we need. Whatever it may be, at the right moment it appears. Recognising it as a gift from God, we give thanks and praise for it.

Through our labours of bringing wisdom, love and fresh understanding to the hearts and souls of humankind, so that the flower of true forgiveness may unfold in ever more hearts and souls quite naturally, we meek ones in future lifetimes will reap the rich harvest of the seeds we are presently planting. We shall be the ones who return to Mother Earth in future lifetimes, when her transformation is complete and she has evolved into a place of light and healing, rest and peace.

George Eliot ‘Daniel Deronda’, first published 1876, wrote: ‘Now, in complete unity a part possesses the whole, as the whole possesses every part. And in this way, human life is tending towards the image of the Supreme Unity. As our life becomes more spiritual, by capacity of thought [through a better understanding of the processes of life] and joy therein, possession tends to become more Universal and independent of gross material contact. That means that in a brief day, the soul of a human being can know in fuller volume the good, which has been and is – nay, is to come, than all that could be found in a whole lifetime, where one still had to follow the creeping path of the senses.’

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