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Chapter 99 (v.12) - On The Wings Of Prayer

Submitted: February 26, 2019

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Submitted: February 26, 2019



On The Wings Of Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Healing And Comfort - On The Wings Of Prayer

Just close your eyes, open your heart
And pray that your cares and worries should depart.
Surrender your whole being to Great Father/Mother above,
So they can hold you secure in Their love.

Earthly life has become more and more involved.
There are many problems that on our own can’t be solved.
Yet, God merely asks us to do our best,
Then the Angels can take over and do the rest.

So, next time you feel discouraged and blue,
Know that one door is always open for you
And that’s the one of the house of prayer.
Your Highest Self is waiting for you there.

It’s a place that’s no further away
Than any quiet spot where you can pray.
Make your whole being a temple when God is there,
So you can place yourself into His/Her loving care.

God is part of us and we are part of God,
That’s why every prayer is heard and responded to.
It’s just that sometimes the answer has to be: ‘No!’
But any burden that’s too heavy for us alone to bear,
Can be made lighter on the wings of prayer.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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© Copyright 2019 Rays of Wisdom. All rights reserved.


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