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A young boy from Germany loses his family and is taken to a training camp for young boys to join the Nazi's. Read this to find out what happens. Part 2 coming soon

Submitted: March 25, 2018

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Submitted: March 25, 2018



The Outsider

Created by: Volpex



My name is Bulldog or that’s the name I got when I joined the American army. I had to lie about my age to get in. The paper says I’m 18 but I’m actually almost 17. My family is from Germany but I moved to America to fight against the German army.

I joined to get revenge on the Germans for killing my sister when she rebelled against them. I was only 9 at the time and she was 13 our parents left when I was young so my sister was my only family. That’s when the Nazi’s kick our door down and shot her while she was protecting me. I was then taken to a camp to train kids to be soldiers.  I didn’t want to fight for them after what they did to my sister. I was there for two months before me and a bunch of friends came up with a plan to escape. First, we looked for unguarded exits but all of the exits were being watched by either guards or cameras. There was always a period of time where the guards switch places which gives us a one minute window to escape. The next day we attempted our first escape. We almost made it out before the guard showed up and sent us to the cell. The cell is an aluminum box they put you in then, heat the floor to a very high temperature. My friends and I got locked in this box for three day almost dying of dehydration by sweating so much. By the time we got out of the box two of us had died and the others were an inch from death. After that we swore that no matter what we will escape to avenge our fallen friends. Three days after we got out of the cell we tried to escape again. They doubled the defences of the door and got more guards so we had to find another way. That’s when someone got the idea of going through the ventilation system. We got to the vent and realized the vent was bolted to the wall. We didn’t have the tools to open it so I tried to open it with my fingers. I was working at the bolts even when my fingers broke open and started bleeding. By the time I got it open, I already felt like passing out by blood loss. We crawled through the vents until we found a opening to the outside. I opened the door and BANG I felt like my entire body was being punched at the same time. At that moment I realized we were in a underwater prison and I was just hit by extreme water pressure. My friends and I were all swallowed by the sea.

The next day I woke up on the beach, all my friends but one was gone and no one knew where or what that place is. ?


To Be Continued...  


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