Gabriel's Hounds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Flash Fiction Fun

Submitted: March 25, 2018

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Submitted: March 25, 2018



Gabriel’s Hounds


“What a cute dog. Does anyone own it?” Amy inquired, as she completed her ticket


“I don’t know,” Ron said, as he swept the hallway of the train station. “That dog has

been showing up every morning for a year waiting for someone.”

“How sad.”

A young boy in a baseball cap attempted to pet the black Labrador. It growled, and

ran away.

“Careful, son,” Ron said, as he emptied the trash, “There’s something different about

that dog. He won’t let anyone get near him.”

Harrold hobbled up to the platform, and sighed. “I’ve wasted my life. I had a great

wife, and a successful job as an editor. I pissed it all away by binge drinking, and gambling

excessively. I plan to get on the next train, and never come back.”

The dog wagged its tail and greeted him with a lick on the face.

The frail old man knelt to pet the dog. “Aaw, good boy.”

The black Labrador barked, and motioned for Harrold to follow.

The dog led him down several corridors to an underground tunnel. It appeared to be


“What in the world?” Harrold muttered as the dog transformed itself. He wiped his

glasses with his shirt.

The dog had a human head, and appeared to be levitating. The tunnel was surrounded

by flames. “I’ve come to escort you to the underworld!” the hound said in a monstrous voice.

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