it's not a proposal it's you

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love story of a boy who is in constant battle between his mind and his heart

Submitted: March 25, 2018

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Submitted: March 25, 2018



 It’s Not a Proposal, It’s You 

I arrived at the college  determined that this it was the last chance to prove myself and had set three rules in my mind 1st I would concentrate and listen to every teacher- The rule was broken when a boy with a funny round face started teaching accounting, 2ND that I would not dance and it was broken at the first party itself, hardly had the alcohol gone in than the show off side of me  came out forgetting all the rules I had set for myself, 3rd and the most important rule was broken when I saw a girl amidst of all boys at h2 common room ,standing alone and cheering for MS Dhoni. I do not know how many times MS Dhoni has pulled Inida out of trouble but he has certainly got me into one. The little girl was so engrossed in him , hardly her eyes moved from the tv screen and the presence of so many boys didn’t even perturb her. First time in my life my eyes were off the television screen when Mahi Bhai was batting. May be before that day I was so determined to follow the rule 3 that I had not noticed that the she was from my section itself . 
There used to be a constant battle between heart and the mind with mind always reminding of the past experiences but since my heart beats faster than mind it refused to listen. Then I started observing her, I saw she was very reserved. No matter how many jokes I cracked in the class, such was her aura I would feel awkward to approach her . At that point of time she was my  crush so I didn’t get  that affected but I always used to get mesmerized by her charm, there was something different about the girl, something that I haven’t discovered till now . Even God at that point seemed to be very determined to break my rule no 3, It was a regular class and out of no where she came and sat behind me, then we had to make a group of 3 and she asked me “Will you Join me? “ and I was so excited to say yes, I forgot to ask two of my friends whether their groups were formed or not. Please don’t mind if you go through the article but yes that was the truth , she was my crush and I could not just deny and I could not just tell you at that point of time because I hardly had trust on you both at that point of time. At that point of time I didn’t even think that you two would be the one, whom I would share things I hardly share with anyone. Getting back to the girl I remember the first meeting for , she was there with a tab in her hand which seemed to be bigger than her size , I don’t remember the exact talk but later that day I saw her helping out people in making ppt, there I lost half my heart . I started observing her more and more , the more I would observe the more I got confused. Sometimes she was very friendly, sometimes very reserved but always surrounded by those four beautiful people. One day,  In the middle of a hot day in front of the cafeteria, standing right under the sun, I saw her completely zoned out ,out of concern I went to her and asked what happened , then she in her sweet voice said “ Mujhe Ghar jana hai, I miss my home” Such charming was her tone and expression that I lost my other half then and there itself. 
Classes got over faster than expected, term after term my longing ness for her increased, I had found a motivation to hit the class on a daily basis. At times she would come and sit along with me and I swear I used to forget that I was in a class with a teacher standing in front.,all my sense of humor went down from 100 to 0 in a flash, all I would do is listen and observe her ,she once said that she thinks I am from a different planet, all together a different species , I swear that  made me feel special, very very special . I have a strong belief that ethics and values are the two most important thing that one carries and one day I saw love for her in the eye of a friend, a friend who was close to me and even closer to her. I know she doesn’t love me , so now I have framed a rule again that I would not tell her anything until I clearly get to know what is there between them and secondly until I become capable enough to match her . If I ever I have to tell you anything I would say you are the most logical person I have ever met and your logic had stopped functioning of my brain for  days and will definitely stop my heart beat for years . At last its not a proposal, its you since I don’t expect anything from you. 

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