Window of Hope

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Shawn is trying to remain hopeful even when everyone else around him seems to be getting what they want out of life. He's is established in his career, but still missing one thing. Will he find it?

Submitted: March 25, 2018

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Submitted: March 25, 2018



Shawn listened yet again to the men.
One man was not enough. Itching ears he had to somehow produce hope after the loss. He went to two other men after Michael. Eloquent in speech Michael was, but not really enough specific details and substance that could give Shawn the answers he was looking for. Eric was a great listener, but still had little information to share. Then there was Daniel, he had answers for Shawn, but never seemed to have enough time to really explain to Shawn the solution. 

You need to do this, you need to do that is what all of these men said to him. Great suggestions, Also, stating to Shawn,"this is going to happen" and did not. Even after investing hundreds of dollars into what they recommended. Image consulting, matchmaking services, dates upon dates and even online dating sites, Shawn stood hopeless again.

Shawn recently got his master's degree in Information Technology and works as a web developer. He is established in his career, but ever since he's been in all of his friend's weddings, he's  been feeling like maybe there is more to life than what he's been used to. Life couldn't possible be about just finding the One. Could it?

It was Sunday afternoon and Shawn decided to go to lunch at a local eatery. He sat alone in the corner of the restaurant in a booth because he always liked to ponder his life. Plus, as always he was eating alone. The awkward feeling of sitting in open space by himself would draw attention. He did not want that. It would only reaffirm his loneliness. A waitress came to his table named Megan, she was very slim, short with long, wavy brown hair and dark eyes. Her eyes almost looked as if she had no pupils. Hello! I am Megan and i'll be your server this afternoon, can I start you out with something to drink? Shawn lifted his head to say hello, but began to tremble as if she was staring deep in his soul... 

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