Cracked Doors and Stainless Bowls

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Our young Noah prepares himself and pursues his crush, Tanya, with hopes of beginning what will be a forever love.

“Alright, I’ll see you fags at the party. I gotta go shave my balls for tonight.” With that Jonathan slapped hands in their typical ritualistic parting gesture and left the group.

 “That dude is such an idiot,” Mark said as they watched him walking away.

“I can’t believe how much pussy that dude gets,” Marty added.

“Yeah, he’s as pimp as they come,” Mark continued.

“So who is he fucking tonight?” Noah asked the twins.

“Whoever he wants,” they replied simultaneously.

“You really think he’s going to go shave his junk?” Noah asked.

“For sure,” Marty answered. “I asked him about it once. He said deforestation of the crotch is a gentleman’s gesture.”

“How the fuck is that a gentleman’s gesture?” Noah questioned.

“I asked Jon the same question.  He said it’s polite because it’s like keeping hair out of the girl’s mouth,” said Mark.

The three continued down the street, sometimes walking on the sidewalk, sometimes on the street’s edge.  They conversed of girls, school, girls, pot, girls, the party, girls. They laughed at each other’s dumb jokes. They jokingly ridiculed each other.  They occupied their walk with their typical conversational nonsense till it came time for them to go their separate ways. 

“Yo Noah, we are going to get high before we head out.  Swing by if you want,” Mark invited.

“Alright. I‘ll try to go by,” Noah answered.

He walked through the front door of his empty home.  His parents were still at work but would be home soon.  He grabbed a glass of water and headed up to his bedroom to change and get his post-school work out done. His motivation, Tanya.  Her smiling face flashed in his mind’s eye as he pushed his muscles to their limits for the second time that day. 

He stared at his glistening body. His muscles were well defined. He rubbed his abs in self-admiration. He let his hand run down below his waist to pull his shorts to see the v of his abs.  He thought of Jonathan’s “gentleman’s gesture.” Noah grabbed a handful of his pubic hair.  “Deforestation. It must go.” he decided.

There was no second guessing on this.  “If Jonathan does it, girls must like it,” was Noah’s reasoning.  He went into the bathroom, stripped and got inside the shower then the thought came to mind of his parents coming home while he was in the middle of his task.  The lighting in the shower wasn’t exactly the greatest either.  His bedroom was the only other option. He grabbed a razor, the can of shaving cream, a towel, and made a nude dash back to his room.  He set his supplies on the bed and ran to the kitchen making a stop by the bathroom to grab his shorts.  He needed a bowl.  A good sized bowl. He hit the faucet to let the hot water run.  He was in a hurry now.  His mother could be home at any minute and having to explain why he was needing a bowl of hot water in his bedroom was something that he was not up for.  He rifled the kitchen cupboards.  The cereal bowls were too small. The corningware might work but something bigger would be better.  In the cupboards with the cookie sheets he found just what he needed. He snatched the oversized stainless steel bowl, filled it three quarters with hot water and headed back to his room being ever so careful to not spill a drop.  He set the bowl in front of his mirror.  He laid out the towel.  He dropped to his knees, straddling the bowl.  He doused his nuts with warm water.  He took some shaving cream in his hand.  The instant the white foam touched his skin, his balls immediately retreated making his sack rough and shriveled.  The idea of him accidentally slicing his own nut sack weighed in his head as he put the razor close to his junk then took it away.  He took a couple slow deep breaths to calm himself. He put the razor close then thought of how best to approach this task of shaving his balls.  He put the razor to his grundle and made a short slow swipe.  No pain. No blood.  He rinsed the blade in the bowl and made another successful swipe.  Then another.  And another.  He smiled as he felt the smooth hairless skin that trailed the swipes of the razor.  “Hell, this isn’t bad.  This isn’t bad at all,” Noah thought as he continued shaving, picking up the pace.

He stood in front of the mirror, his cock, balls, and mons completely hairless.  He gawked at the awkward hairline left where the hair on his thighs meet with the hairless skin of his crotch.

“What do I do here?” he asked himself. 

Is this what it’s supposed to look like?

Maybe this is what girls like?

Maybe I should call Jon?

No, he’ll tell everyone.

The sight of his hairless genitals next to his furry thighs was offsetting.  The hair to skin scenario made his legs look vulgar and his unspeakables appear innocent.  It was as if someone cropped a ten year old’s pecker and balls and pasted them onto a picture of a pant-less lumberjack.

“There’s no way this is right,” he decided as he began making swipes with his razor down the front of his thigh, shaving all the way to his ankle.  He continued shaving up the back side of his leg, quickly over his calf, taking his time behind his knee to get every last straggling hair, then picking up the pass as he shaved the back of his thigh up to his ass cheek.

“Do I stop here?” he asked himself. He turned his ass towards the mirror and was appalled.  In a split second he knew that his ass rug of hair had to go. Starting from the crease between his ass cheek and his thigh, he began to shave up towards his back.

He admired his leg, completely naked of hair.  The stout muscle definition of his quad, the smooth tone of his skin, the bulge of his calf.  He turned around to get a view of the back of his leg and was tickled at how smooth and perky his butt looked.  “I guess this is what it takes to be sexy,” he told himself with a smile.

He looked over at the clock and was surprised with how much time he had spent on shaving and hastily got to shaving his other leg. Down the front, up the back, then the ass cheek.

He jumped in the shower afterwards, feeling out and swiping clean any prickles of stubby hairs he missed in his bedroom.  After, he put on his tight white underwear, blue jeans, a red t-shirt, his shoes, and a button up short sleeved shirt that he planned to leave unbuttoned. He was proud as he looked at his completed ensemble in the mirror. All he needed was his wallet, his condom, his keys, his lighter, and he was good to go.  Just before grabbing his stuff, it caught his eye.

It sat on the floor in the corner screaming shame and nearly filled to the brim with clumps of hair.  He didn’t want to leave the bowl where his mom might find it.  Noah opened a window.  He grabbed a sock and carefully walked the bowl over to the window and dumped it out.  He used the sock to wipe away the water left behind.  He dropped the sock in his dirty clothes hamper and grabbed a dirty shirt and used it to dust off the hair that was stuck to the bowl.  He could hear that his mom was home and he didn’t want to risk sneaking it back into the kitchen.  Aside from that, he couldn’t stomach the idea of his family eating from that bowl before he had the chance to sanitize it with bleach or alcohol or gasoline and fire.

With the bowl hidden beneath his bed, he crammed his pockets with his effects and left to the party.  The forty-five-minute walk seemed to be nothing more than a few blinks worth of time as thoughts and scenarios of him and Tanya unfolded in his mind.  His stomach fluttered as he turned the corner and the party house came into view.  When he was half way down the street a car pulled up.  The distant voices gave his skin goosebumps.  It was Tanya.  He saw her unmistakable silhouette appear when the front door opened and watched as she stepped into the light and disappeared into the party.

He walked up to the door, wiped his damp palms on his pants and reached for the knob.  Just before taking a grip he heard the commotion of the guys around the corner of the house.  The idea of an inconspicuous group entrance seemed like it would be a bit more impressive.  With that he hopped off the porch and went through the gate of the high wooden fence.

“Look at this guy popping out of the trash can!” Jonathan yelled as Noah came out of the shadows.  “Hey motherfucker, you got a lighter?”

Wearing a smile and feeling like a hero Noah didn’t say a word and pulled the lighter from his pocket.

“That’s what I’m talking about! This motherfucker right here is the motherfucking lighter hero guy!” Jonathan went on as he handed Noah a joint.  “Do the honors, bud.”

Noah took the joint and gave a scan around the backyard.  She was on the patio. She was looking at him. She was smiling.

He put the flame to the tip of the joint and sucked.  His poise made him seem taller and his body broader.  After taking one hit from the joint he passed it on.  His focus was Tanya, not getting wasted, and he didn’t want to lose sight or cloud his mind.  He glanced around again, licking his lips, plotting his approach, when the annoyance of a hair in his mouth got him licking and sputtering.  He watched Marty take a hit. After he passed the joint he to began picking at his lips and spitting. “Fucking hair,” Noah saw him mouth.

Noah left the circle, panicked but cool.  He went inside and bee-lined up the stairs and to the bathroom.  Once behind the closed door he looked at his hands.  They were peppered with his shaved hair.  After a quick series of epiphanies he emptied his pockets.  Pubes and leg hair shavings were all over his effects and clinging to his clammy hands.  He desperately wiped his hands on his pant legs but they hair stayed.  Noah turned on the faucet.  His frantic swiping and rinsing was doing the job. He pulled his pockets inside out and watched his hair sprinkle the floor. “Fuck,” he said to himself.  He rinsed off the hair that was stuck to his hands and then went back over the innards of his pockets.  More hair.  He rinsed again and repeated his “pube from pocket removal process.”  Once his wipes ceased to yield the curly hairs he went to wash his keys and pushed them back into his pocket. He rinsed off his condom and left it on the counter to dry.  He grabbed the hand towel from the towel holder and dusted the hair from his wallet and his lighter.  He wiped up the hair that sprinkled the floor and tossed the towel to the back of the cabinet under the sink.  He rinsed off his hands one more time and looked up to notice a hair on his lip.  He plucked it off.  “Disaster avoided,” he spoke quietly as he smiled at himself and walked out the bathroom.

“Hey there, motherfucking lighter hero guy,” Tanya was practically in his face as soon as he walked out of the bathroom.  “I’m gonna need your assistance in a bit, wait right here,” she said as she brushed against him to make her way into the bathroom.

He felt warmth radiate out of his chest and spread across his skin.  He leaned back against the hall’s wall as cool as a cucumber. He let his face relax and felt a sharpness come to his eyes.  He looked down at the light shining from beneath the door till it opened.  He started with his eyes at her feet and steadily, suavely, scanned the length of her body till his eyes came to her smiling face.

“Is this yours?” She was holding his condom in her hand, waving it tauntingly by her cheek.  He felt his face flush.  Words escaped him. The word “ruined” flashed in his mind.  His mouth opened but before he could say anything she pushed it against his chest, “Better hang on to this, lover boy. You might need it later.” He put his hand over hers and felt euphoric. She slow slid her hand out from under his, leaving the condom behind, and walking away slowly.

Noah stood mesmerized, his eyes soaking in every aspect of her back side. The way her black boots hugged calves, the smoothness of her toned legs as they disappeared into her tight dress that accentuated the curves of her ass and hips, the way her impractically small black leather jacket gave her look a rockstar-ish edge. She stopped and turned to him, “You coming, Mr. Motherfucking Lighter Hero Guy? I want to smoke a joint.”

“You look nice tonight, Noah” Tanya complimented. She licked her lips, pressed and rolled them as if she’d just freshened up her lip stick. Noah mirrored her lip action. She put the joint to her mouth and held out her hand. Noah handed her his lighter.

Thanks. You look really nice too. I like your boots and your jacket and your dress.

Oh really? I didn’t peg you as a guy who appreciates fashion.

It’s you that I appreciate.

Ha. Smooth. Cute. Here.

Noah took the joint. Tanya sputtered and pulled something off of her lips. “Fucking hair,” she said quietly.  She flicked her finger on her jacket’s hem.  She stayed looking down, rubbing the soles at the tips of her boots together. Locks of her hair came over her right shoulder and draped next to her face hiding her cheek, her temple, her brow and a bit of her forehead. “You’re really pretty,” he said. Without lifting her head she turned her eyes up to him. “Thanks Noah,” she replied. He lost his breath as a sly smile came about her face. “This is the night,” he thought.

They smoked and made small talk. Noah threw a few cleverly funny lines and made her laugh. After the joint they went inside. Tanya grabbed Noah by the wrist and pulled him along as she made her way into the kitchen where they each grabbed a beer. The house was packed. There was commotion and laughing in every direction but it was all just white noise to Noah. All he could see was her. Tanya poured them a shot from a bottle on the kitchen island. They toasted and slammed it then she poured two more. She pushed one of the filled shot glasses towards Noah but he pushed it away. Tanya smiled and slammed her shot. She shut her eyes tight and took a deep breath in through her wide-open mouth. “Wow that burns! What is this?” Noah grabbed the bottle and read the label, “It’s tequila.” “Oh yeah?” she replied. “Well they should make this stuff burn less.” She grabbed the shot that Noah pushed away and downed it. “Whoa!” she shouted. She grabbed Noah by the wrist, “Let’s see what’s going on outside.”

They walked through the crowd, bumping shoulders and making quick talk with the other partiers as they past. She pulled him close to her. She wrapped both of her arms around his bicep and squeezed his arm tight against her body. “I like you Noah. You’re funny and you’re a nice guy. Stay with me tonight.”

It felt like an explosion in his chest. Again, heat spread from his chest out to his arms. This feeling she invoked in him was a feeling unlike anything he’d ever felt before.  “This is the night,” he thought with all the certainty in the world that after tonight Tanya would be his forever.

Outside a beer bong was being passed around. Tanya had her turn with it, then Noah had his. It continued around and they yelled and cheered as the others took their turn. “Damn Jonathan, don’t suck too hard! It’s a beer bong not a dick!” Noah yelled when Jonathon took his turn. Jonathan smiled at him and spit a mist of beer out in his direction. People yelled and laughed and tried to cover themselves from the shower. Tanya nestled her face into Noah’s chest and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you babe.” he said down into her ear. She looked up into his eyes, then gave him a quick kiss on his lips. They smiled at each other for a second that seemed like days then she turned away to get back into the party.

Joints circulated through the teens and the couple took tokes when they came around. Chatter was all about them and a conversation would sometimes pull them apart and suck them in for a few minutes but they were never more than an arm’s length away from each other. They went back inside to the kitchen island with the tequila where they each took a few swigs from the bottle. Tanya’s swigs were bubbly gulps whiles Noah’s were mere sips that only wet his mouth. After, they settled on a sofa leg to leg, each smiling huge and staring into one another’s eyes.

She rested the crown of her head on Noah’s shoulder.  Noah’s universe shrunk to just the two of them.  The only thing he saw was her. The noise of the party was hushed and he could only hear her soft slurred words. He let his hand rest on her knee that was closest to him and one of her hands went to rest on his chest.

“Damn Peter Rabbit! Your heart’s going a million right now. You do some cocaine behind my back?” Tanya teased.

“No. I’m just excited. And nervous. And living in what feels like a dream.”

Tanya giggled. “Aww. You’re so nice.”

They sat in a short silence before she spoke again. “You know what’s the thing?” She lifted her head off of his shoulder and the two turned face to face. “It’s not just you. It’s all the guys. I see you, though. I see them all but I see you most. And I always thought you’re nice and tonight, you know, I see you actually are. I just wanted to tell you that, you know,” she finished giving Noah a goof of a smile.

Noah smiled back trying to figure out what the fuck she was trying to say.

“I’m drunk,” she said and patted his chest. “Take me up stairs. I need a bed.”

She got herself off of the sofa and lead the way with staggered steps towards the stairs. Once up stairs she pushed open the first door to the right. “This bed is too soft.” She continued down the hall and pushed open the bathroom door. “And this bed is too, toilet,” she said giggling after her joke and turning to the door immediately behind her. She pushed the door open. “But this bed is just right.” She stumbled to the bed, did a half turn and fell back on to the mattress. Noah walked over and she positioned herself properly on the bed.

“You want to get under the covers?” Noah asked.

“Under the covers is for little girls and prudes” she yelled as she covered her closed eyes with her hand.

“What about the light, want me to turn it off?

“Little girls and prudes!” she slurred with a bit of an annoyed and taunting tone.

Noah chuckled and sat down on the bed.

“Lay with me, Noah.”

Noah lied down next to her, arm to arm and leg to leg. She cocked her head towards him, head butting him. “Chill, guy! You don’t have to get violent!”

They both laughed. “Noah,” she started in a soft voice, “you’re so nice.”

Noah smiled, “So are you.”

“Noah, can you turn the spinning off?”

He chuckled. “Tanya?” he spoke. She didn’t reply. He lifted his head and his back off of the bed to look down at her. She had her eyes closed. “Tanya?” Again she said nothing. “Can I kiss you?”

Her lips pressed into a smile and she nodded yes.

He leaned down and touched his lips against hers. His upper lip was on her cupid’s bow and his lower lip touched against her upper lip. He sucked softly and pressed his lips together softly, savoring the moment, then moved down to her lower lip and kissed giving the same gentle treatment. It was the most perfect first kiss. It was a kiss that one would think was reserved for seasoned lovers. He pulled away to look down and see her smiling face.

“So nice,” she said.

“Goodnight, Tanya.”

“Goodnight,” she replied as she turned her back to him pulling a pillow against her chest and squeezing it tight. He put his body back down on to the bed and formed himself against her back side, wrapped one arm around her, and closed his eyes.

He wasn’t laying down long before the uncomfortable pressure of a piss built up. He sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, staring at his love, watching her body moving from her breaths, playing out their future in his mind. He didn’t want to leave her but pissing his pants wasn’t an option. He got up and walked out of the bedroom. Just before the door closed he looked in through the crack to see his angel in the mirror opposite of the bed. He closed the door and went into the bathroom.

When Noah walked out of the bathroom Marty’s head popped up from the stairwell. “You got a lighter, right?” he asked Noah. “I sure do,” Noah answered. Marty smiled and gave an inviting wave. Noah looked at the door then at the stairs. Marty’s head popped up again, “C’mon, dude! We need you!” With that Noah went downstairs and outside to smoke a joint.

His mind would not let him relax. He didn’t want to be there. He wanted to be upstairs, in bed, with her. “Here.” He held the lighter out to Marty. “You’re the lighter guy now. Make me proud.” Marty bowed his head and held out his hands as if he was being blessed and bestowed a great gift and responsibility.

He walked up the stairs and down the hall. He decided to go to the bathroom to rinse his mouth out before going back into the bedroom. As he put his hand on the door knob an unmistakable sound caught his ear. He turned around and noticed the bedroom door was cracked open just a bit. He walked closer. There was no questioning that the sound he heard was coming from behind the door.

He peered in through the cracked door. He saw them in the mirror. She was completely naked and on her hands and knees. He was kneeling behind her, with one hand on her ass, and the other holding a fistful of her hair, pulling back hard, making her face the mirror, stretching her throat, fucking her hard. Noah couldn’t look away. Despite the stress of her throat she managed to speak, “Fuck my ass, Jonathan.”

He was completely dissociated from his body on his walk home. He could not rid the images of her getting fucked from his mind. The look of pleasure on her face taunted him. The sounds of her moans and the slaps of flesh against flesh echoed in his head. Her lips mouthing, “Fuck my ass” shattered his heart over and over again.

Inside his house he walked, zombiely, towards the stairs. “Honey?” He turned turned his body in small steps, keeping his hips, shoulders, and head squared, to see his mom in the living room lit up only by the light of the television. “You don’t look to hot, hun.” He shrugged. “What was this bowl doing in your bedroom,” she asked as she picked a few puffs of popcorn from the stainless bowl. Again, he shrugged and stayed silent. “Go sleep it off, son. You’ll feel better in the morning,” she said excusing him from the chat. He stayed staring just long enough to see her sputter and reach to her mouth. “Fucking hair?” he read  her lips say.

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