The Evangelist

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Submitted: March 25, 2018

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Submitted: March 25, 2018



The Evangelist


He retreats into the tunnels

Of the station,

His placard bumping against

The concave ceiling of the vaults,

" I Am The Light Of The World " it stutters.

He runs down to the platform,

The trains pull in and out

A Freudian dream.

He stares at the graffiti

On the billboard advertisements.

He picks his nose.

Half faces sit and wait near him, 

Staring also at the blown-up advertisments.

He feels uneasy and begins to whistle,

" Onward Christian Soldiers."

His eyes study the darkness of the tunnel.

He keeps reminding himself

Of the Virgin Mary,

The immaculate conception,

The myth and the mystery of Christ,

The enigma of salvation.

He hides in the darkness,

And the darkness

Sucks his eyes and limbs

Down onto the tracks,

At the entrance of the labyrinth.

Someone screams

As he jumps onto the metal cross,

But the sound of a train

Soon cures the fragile light,

Of human sound.



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