The talking fish

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This story is about a talking fish.

Submitted: March 25, 2018

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Submitted: March 25, 2018



The talking fish

There was a girl. Her name was Sahrita. She is 12. She lives in a small town. The name of the town was Orkham.

She does not have any friend. One day her father brought a fish. The fish was black in colour. She was put inside a fish bowl.

So his father gave a gift to his daughter. Sahrita becomes happy. She began spent time before her lovley fish bowl. One day when Sahrita was observing the fish continuously. She was misunderstood the curiosity. Actually the fish sinks to the bottom in his fish bowl. And talked her by producing two bubbles from her mouth.

The sahrita wonders. She told to fish, “Do you talk with me like any human?”  The black fish replied,” Yes. “

So fish asked that she need a big space to live. The Sharita thought, why she don’t put the fish in bath tub? Then fish swim left and right in the tub.

Then they become good friend. And black fish talked to Sahrita that my dear Sahrita first give the flying kiss to my bubble then you will know my grim situation. Actually your father has brought me from a lady magician who has many fish bowls and she keeps me in a fish bowl and sold in the market. Your father was unaware of the grim situation of lady magician. She is very evil. Might she put him into her big prison? If he would have detect her. So it is your father luck.

Then Sahrita asked another story of evil lady magician. Then black fish told,” obviously evil lady magician was hiding from a wizard king. For wizard king is brave than evil lady magician. So evil lady magician fears from him. Wizard king lives in forest. So the evil lady wants to assassinate wizard king.

So she lives hiding from wizard king in a Orkham town. Evil lady magician has many fish bowls in a prison. So why don’t you help me in freeing the all tiny creature from lady magician?

Then Sahrita decided to go before evil lady magician in the market. And told the evil magician to free all fish and other creature also. She wants to say that she is a good friend of wizard king. So fear from her and free the creature including fish. And stop the wrong experiment and selling the creature.

Then the evil lady wizard arrested the Sahrita and sent her to wizard magician for black mail. Then first time she has caught a girl.

When the lady magician was taking Sahrita for the black mail to wizard king. Then in the path she saw the detective rabbit. Actually the detective rabbit was the detective of tortoise king and the other creature of forest? When tortoise king listen the story of evil lady magician and king wizard he became happy in his mind?  And when he goes in front of king wizard. instead of saving him he and evil lady wizard killed the wizard king brutally . The detective rabbit was watching this. So he fears. And secretly disappear from there. He thought that why don’t he talk with her good and dear powerful friend goblin.

Only there is a need that he did not know the address of goblin in Orkham town where he lives?  Then also detective rabbit went to town. In the town he trapped in the group of dog. The street dog asked,” Are you hungry! We are hungrier than you to eat the meat of rabbit. “Then rabbit runs from there before the hunt. And reach at a home place. It was rabbit luck that he saw another talking golden fish in another home. He enters in to home. In the home there was a boy. Rabbit told the problem to the boy that he wants to save a girl and discuss whole problem of evil lady magician. Then rabbit told only your talking fish can save us. The boy answered, “Is this true that this fish talks to you?” The rabbit replied.”Yes how I am talking to you like that fish will talk.”

Then rabbit asked the address of goblin from the golden fish. Then the rabbit came at the goblin place and dictated whole matter to goblin. Goblin came at the place of tortoise king. First he defeated the tortoise king and asked him the address of evil lady magician. The lady magician is also caught and all fish and tiny creature set free.






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