Bless Me Father

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Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



Bless Me Father


When my knees bend to find the cold ground,

And my eyes follow without making a sound,

Lips tremble afraid to utter their desires,

Won’t you take the time to listen to my sorrows?


Spare a little time for me,

A moment of your endless comedy,

See me bend and twist through time,

Break and mend and pretend to be fine.


A smile that you bestow on others frequently,

But somehow forgot to smile upon me,

Maybe I would ruin the funny play,

If I utter everything I have to say.


For it won’t come out in whispered sounds,

It will come in sobbing howls.

No, it won’t be words, it will be cries,

Of a mute face with blind eyes.


Even so, I see life thoroughly,

I walk on its cliffs steadily,

Take a minute, look and you’ll see,

The fearless wander that is Me.


Bless me father, for I’m yours also,

Even beaten, broken and full of sorrow,

Bless me father don’t forget me,

For my soul is also part of your eternity. 

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