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The goodbyes of a friend.

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018





I held his hand,

Tightly in my own,

As I watched the light fade,

Tears flowed freely as I watched my brother die.


We enlisted about the same time,

Through boot camp and selection,

We laughed and we drank together,

Chased skirts and dreamed large dreams.


He was my best man

And I was his.

I remember his laughter,

Mostly I miss his strength.


But I remember most of all,

The light as it faded and left his eyes.

How his Spirit soared

And how he left this world behind.


His body is six feet under,

A grave somewhere back in the states.

Both of us outsiders,

Fighting for a place that is not our home.


We were born under different skies,

The same stars, but different skies.

I am a child of Africa,

My pale skin does not reveal my tribe.


I found my home in battle,

My Love for the men I got to call brothers.

You see I grew up in uncertainty,

War was really the only home I have known.


The dead were not something to be feared,

But the lessons to be learned.

For they teach us that we can live,

Only by leaving the past behind.


So I walk on,

Living my Life.

Knowing that I will see my friend again,

If not in pictures, then the Life that comes next.

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