His Goodbye

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My hands shivered in fear when I received his message. His message that had his last will and sorrow within. I knew something was wrong and I didn't how to react my heart fell and my mind went
blank. I dialed 911 and rushed to find him, but soon found him dead.

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



My phone started buzzing in my pocket during school hours, which was unusual. I waited until the bell rung to check my phone and there it was a message from my brother. I open the text message and began to read. 

"I'm, sorry that I'm not capable of many things. I'm sorry that I'm worthless and couldn't succeed. I tried my best to fight it, but I couldn't any longer. I'm tired and I've tried my best to show my potential and talent. I can't keep up people's expectation; my reputation and pride...isn't something I can handle. I've been struggling for a while and it's no one's fault. I'm sorry I had to leave soon. I'm sorry I couldn't stay any longer. Tell mom I love her and I love you too. Sorry and goodbye." 

My hands began to shake, my heart dropped and I didn't know what to do. I texted back but there was no reply. I was scared...Was I suppose to scream and yell. But, no words came out my mouth. I dialed 911 and my voice cracked as words started escaping my mouth. Tears fall and I started to cry. I ran out the school and rushed home as soon as possible. The streets felt longer and the lights took forever to change colors. I finally reached home but police officers, firefighters, and the ambulance were already there with several people whispering. I pushed people from my way and tried to go inside the house. The police stopped me from entering and said I couldn't go in. Suddenly, two policemen carried a body covered in white sheets. 

"It can't be...right! there's no way...."

My body gave up and I fall to the ground. I soon found my mother howling with grief yelling out "my baby boy...it's a lie...my baby boy wouldn't commit suicide" I went towards mom and hugged her and said ''it's okay'' but in my heart, I knew I couldn't fill my brother's spot that I couldn't do things he's done. I knew mom cherished him more than me and it will be hard making her forget this painful memory and remember the good times. 


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