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Love turns around when you least expect. It's beautiful, but not for everyone.

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



The last time I fell in love, Love was a light-skinned, gap-tooth, innocent smile She was a mellow demeanor, A shy voice A brisk walk, a jiggling behind! Love was the loudest laughter whenever I made a joke She was the best cooked meals, played hip hop, and squeezed toothpaste tubes just right. Love loved Barcelona! Love loved peppery food and sweaty, loud sex Love wrote poetry and told me I could too. Love texted, love called, love returned missed calls Love called me Obi m, a name which tickled infinitely.


Love had an affair with a pot- bellied chairman Love complained my salary was meager Love's smile became crooked and never reached her eyes Love took strings from my heart and played sorrowful songs Love lied. Love didn't want to sleep over anymore Love only smiled at my best jokes, got a Cristiano Ronaldo Taguer wristwatch Love cheered Madrid Love bitched!

Love told me of that affair with Chief Odim. Love smeared my tears on her phone screen when she told her WhatsApp group about my heartbreak Love wrote to Joro and BOM Seeking advice on how to leave a clingy, broke man Love was hateful.


When my phone rang, My heartbeat held its breath I heard Love's voice even before I picked I heard her say, 'Nkem, Obi m, I am sorry '

But when she spoke, Love, All she said was, 'I'm coming to pick my shit up. I will be getting married next month'

I wished love dead Sometimes, I still do.

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