harold smith ch1

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1st the harold is entering maltan academy as a transfer student, then he complete one of the 9 rooms during the test season, this story has mechas and magic. there is interplanetary traveling, the
9 ppl who completed a room got the right to go to do these tests on 9 different planets/moons in the solar system, 1 test each, the planet/moon they go to is drafted and the one who completed it
the fastest would get the right and power (well all would have the power) to slay a leviathan on north pole

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



Chapter 1.

Harold Smith woke up on the train on a sunny afternoon. His trip was almost over. He would soon arrive at Maltan Academy. Harold looked out of the window and saw a huge towering structure to the east; this place would soon become his place of residence and study.
At 1st Harold didn’t even know he possessed latent magical abilities, he wasn’t a member of a prestigious magical family like the Maltan family, world known for their ability to pilot Magiframes and their work on magical architecture. Maltan Academy is ran by the Maltan family.

In this world, magic is a common ability people possess, it is divided into 6 primal forces; Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Light and Dark. These magical powers are used to construct structures physically impossible, supported by the primal forces. These forces are also used to pilot Magiframes, piloted mechanical bipedal units used in warfare and interstellar exploration.

After stepping out of the train Harold is greeted by a sign with his name on it. Walking to the person holding the sign Harold asks ‘’So, you are the one supposed to take me to Maltan Academy”
‘’yes, my name is Stefan Adler and I am a teacher at the academy. The principal asked me to take you to the academy as there are no roads leading to it.”
‘’no roads? How are we supposed to get there then?”
‘’We fly.”
Harold boarded the cars backseat. ‘’How long is the flight?’’ Harold asked. ‘’No longer than an hour. Once at the Academy, I’ll show you to your room and then lead you to the principal’’ Stefan Responded.
‘’What will the classes contain for me? I have never studied magic before, I was just an ordinary 3rd year high schooler last week, preparing for my entrance exams for university’’
‘’you’ll transfer to our 2nd year class, you will be a year older than the others but your score on the transfer exam was high enough that you should manage. Additionally, you will receive remedial instructions twice a week after classes.’’
‘’Remedial instructions?’’ 
‘’yes, although your magical abilities are supreme and higher than most of our students, you are highly lacking in magical history and basic knowledge.’’
‘’So the information we learn in High School is useless?’’
‘’Yes, it is worthless information made up to satiate the need of the unknowing.’’
such a mean practise. Harold thought to himself. ‘’Then why bother teaching it at all? If the information taught is useless and how come I am transferred onto 2nd year if all that I’ve learned before is worthless?’’ Harold pressed Stefan. ‘’Well, everything you learnt ISN’T useless, only what you’ve learned from magic. So, in fact, you’ll be ahead of studies. But the reason we put you to 2nd year is to avoid bullying. Teenagers can be cruel.’’
‘’We did considering putting you to the 1st year but only subjects you’re lacking are the ones related to magic and its uses.’’ Stefan said.
‘’I feel like you avoided my question.’’ Harold said. ‘’I asked that why teach anything about magic at all if the information is useless?’’
‘’Well…’’ Stefan Started ‘’We must tell the normal people something but also, we avoid sharing secrets they don’t NEED to know. Magic can be a great servant but a poor master and most magicians will avoid sharing what they have learnt during their studies.’’
‘’sounds reasonable, but I hate lying and liars.’’ Harold stated.
‘’How did you find me precisely; my family has no magic users in it and I have never used any magic myself before.’’

‘’Well, we detected a splurge of magical energy from your locale, then we sent in an investigative unit and found you, your magical powers are off the charts!’’ Stefan excitedly started ‘’Your magical powers measured higher than anyone we’ve detected before. You have the potential to do anything you want to, you could be the greatest magician the world has ever known in the future. That is why we recruited you to our academy, if you were run in the mill magician we would have just directed you to the nearest magical academy’s supplementary classes.’’
‘’Then why I have never noticed these powers? And how did you find out about them even when I didn’t even notice.’’ Harold wondered.
‘’Well, our equipment is state of the art, we’re ran by the Maltan’s after all.’’ Stefan stated ‘’Haven’t you had an emotional outburst recently? Sometimes shocking events can cause a splurge of magical power and cause some problems with electrical devices.’’
‘’Well there was that power outage in my neighbourhood recently…’’

‘’So, was the power outage caused by a splurge of my magical energy? But how can that be, the WHOLE neighbourhood went dark and none of the electrical devices were working, hell, the nearby supermarket was handing out free ice cream!’’ Harold thought. ‘’I wonder… maybe the cause is my Grandpa’s last words to me, I was very emotional after them…’’

‘’We’ve arrived’’ Stefan said and returned Harold back to the moment.
Harold looked at the school which was on large tower with a circle going around it halfway to the top. ‘’that circle is the dormitory, the tower is the school itself’’ Stefan said ‘’you can call me Professor Adler at school.’’

Harold entered the school with professor Adler, the first room of the building was a 2-floored circular hall, the entrance from outside was on the 2nd floor and there were stairs going down and on the lower floor 9 large doors.
On the other side of the hall there was a podium with a beautiful redhaired woman speaking to a massive crowd of presumably students in the lower floor.
‘’…My family has run this school for centuries from the director’s office but as your first Maltan student council president I promise you…’’
‘’Follow me Harold, I’ll take you to your room so you can drop off your bags. Your trunk should already be there’’ Stefan said.
‘’…and so I will lead this academy to a new future!’’
The hall got filled with load applause and cheering.
‘’Who is she?’’ Harold asked.
‘’She’s the directors daughter, Sarah Maltan, our current student council president, a second year like you.’’
‘’haa, is it a hurdle to get become the president?’’
‘’Yes, you need to be the top student in the whole school in the magical test’’ Stefan said. ‘’See those 9 doors? You’ll 1st have a written magical exam to deduce your worthiness to be allowed to enter through one, they all represent different things but you’ll learn about them later. Now, come. The director likes to go to sleep early.’’ Stefan said with a serious look on his face.

When Harold got to his Dorm room he noted that his room is for one person. It had a bed, desk and chair. ‘’Where do I eat?’’ Harold asked as his stomach growled
‘’your class representative should be waiting for you at the director’s office to show you around the dormitory areas after you’ve met the director.’’ Stefan stated
‘’Is it normal for students to have a whole room to themselves?’’
‘’No, we made an exception for you, transferring in the middle of a year, from a non-magical family to our high school division.’’

‘’So, I get special treatment here… sucks…’’ Harold thought. ‘’I hope I won’t be bullied for this besides being a year older than everyone, I get a solo room…’’
Stefan showed Harold out of the room and trough the hallways towards the director’s office. Right next to the door Harold saw a tall blonde boy with black skin leaning to the door as he passed by.

*knock knock* Stefan knocked on the director’s door.
Harold kept looking at the boy.
a deafened ‘’come in.’’ came resounding from the room and Harold and Stefan entered.

‘’Can I leave?’’ Stefan asked the large bearded man sitting behind the desk who answered in a deep voice ‘’Yes you can leave Professor Adler.’’
‘’My name is Bob Maltan and I am the director of this Academy’’
‘’what about the principal?’’ Harold asked.
‘’She is on maternity leave from the Academy currently and you’ll meet vice principal tomorrow, he is homeroom teacher’’
‘’Welcome to the Academy!’’ Bob said cheerfully ‘’You’re our first transfer student ever, nothing like this has ever happened before. Truly spectacular!’’
‘’first ever?’’ Harold asked.
‘’I believe that is what I said. We have surely found magical children from non-magical families before but never on your magnitude, we made so many exceptions to even get you to this academy. We are expecting a great deal from you.’’ Bob said with a serious look on his face and continued ‘’Our School is primarily ran by the student council and the council of 9 above it, Currently there is only 1 member in the council of nine as no-one but my Daughter has been able to clear any of the nine rooms of recent…’’ ‘’This generation truly is one of the worst we have seen…’’ Bob said with a sad tone in his voice.
‘’What do I study hear? Professor Adler told me that besides the normal high school subjects like math, English and geography I would be getting supplementary magic lessons and that all that I know about magic will be useless information.’’ Harold bursted out ‘’I have no idea what is expected of me and how do I even use magic? When will I learn? I must be an embarrassment on my 1st magic class…’’
‘’We have taken action towards this already, seeing as most of our classes are subjects of magical history and theoretical usages of magic your lack of abilities shouldn’t be so apparent, your supplementary classes start tomorrow’’ Bob said ‘’now, I am a busy man and I welcome you to our academy, Mark outside, your class representative will fill you in about the rest’’ Bob said in a hurry ‘’we will talk again at another day, good bye’’

After walking out of the Director’s office Harold was dumbfounded, he had learnt nothing from the Director, in fact, he hardly made any sense. I hope Mark can tell me more… Harold thought to himself.
‘’you must be the Transfer student’’ said the blonde black man by the door ‘’Hello, my name is Mark Ackerman, I am your class representative and was asked to show you around the school.’’
‘’Hi, my name is Harold Smith’’ Harold said perplexedly. ‘’I’m hungry so would you show where the cafeteria is? And tell me how mealtimes go here.’’

Harold and Mark kept talking about meal times, dormitories and where everything was until they reached the cafeteria and ran into Marks twin sister, Elisa Ackerman. ‘’Big Bro! who’s that you’re walking with?’’ she shouted. ‘’Don’t yell! Come here and I’ll tell you!’’ Mark yelled back. Elisa walked to Mark and Harold and introduced herself ‘’Hello, my name is Elisa Ackerman. Second year class B!’’
‘’This is Harold Smith, our new transfer student to the class A.’’ Mark said
‘’Hello’’ Harold responded. ‘’So, can I go get food even if it is 3pm? And dinner is served at 6, I have had nothing to eat since breakfast’’
‘’I think we can work something out with the Kitchen, you are the transfer student after all.’’ Mark responded.
Harold, Mark and Elisa walked to the cafeteria counter and asked for food.

After eating Harold said good bye to Mark and Elisa and went to explore the school by himself.
He arrived at the entrance hall once again and thought ‘’Isn’t this the place where the student council president kept her speech earlier. The speech sure sounded inspiring and everyone was cheering for her’’ Harold kept walking around the hall and noticed one of the nine doors and walked towards it.
‘’Oi! What’re you doing? This place is out of bounds, get lost!’’
Harold looked at who was speaking and it was a crouched old man.
‘’Sorry, I just transferred to this school today so I don’t know what is what yet.’’
‘’ah, don’t mind, this is one of the nine doors for the council of nine. You have a possibility to claim a right to enter one of the rooms once a year. It is said that each room has horrors beyond imagining within. Only the people who have gone in know and not all of them have returned’’ The old man said ‘’I am professor Rousseau, James Rousseau and I teach Magical History and oversee class 2B’’
‘’I’m Harold Smith, pleasure to meet you Professor!’’ Harold responded ‘’So these doors carry a lot of significance in this school?’’
‘’Yes, they do, but only the best of the best get to enter and only when all 9 rooms have been completed will a certain event begin. An Event to slay the Leviathan.’’ James said ‘’Now scurry up! It is near dinner time!’’

Harold left the entrance hall to go for the cafeteria.
Upon arrival to the cafeteria the scene was that of a battlefield. The lines to the counter were broken and messy and it was every person for themselves.
Finally, after getting his meal, the cafeteria had calmed down and almost empty. Harold spotted Mark and proceeded towards him to ask whether he could eat with him.

After eating with Mark Harold asked ‘’think I will manage on my extracurricular lessons about using magic tomorrow?’’
‘’Why wouldn’t you? It isn’t like magic is hard to use look.’’ Mark said and manipulated the water from a nearby jug and froze it in the shape of a tree. ‘’It’s all in your head. Unlike many believe, there are no incantations or specific hand movements to producing the result you want. All you need is your imagination and knowledge of the materials needed for the desired outcome. For example, this Ice tree I made, could have been made from the water in the air, but would have required much more effort and time than using the water in the nearby jug, the hard part was to cool the water temperature down to freezing by controlling the nearby air and the internal density of the water molecules. Although, controlling 1 basic element is a lot easier than this kind of combination magic.’’ Mark explained ‘’You could try, humm… take the water in that jug and make a ball out of it.’’
‘’Think I’ll be able to? I have never used magic before…’’ Harold asked worriedly before trying.
Harolds first try at using magic caused the water in the jug to splash upwards with a lot of pressure and falling down as rain.
‘’I guess you weren’t imagining what form you wanted the water to take strongly enough’’ Mark said while laughing.
‘’How did your first attempt at magic turn out then?’’ Harold asked angrily.
‘’Kaboom’’ Mark said ‘’I caused the jug to explode. So, when compared to you, you at least got the water out of the jug.’’
‘’The lights out time is coming soon, you’d better get some snacks from the cafeteria lady before the silence starts, if you leave your room during the silence hours you get detention if you get caught.’’ Mark said before wishing Harold good night.

Upon entering his room with a plastic wrapped sandwich in hand Harold heard a loud Bell ring eight times marking the silence started. He read his book about magical history and ate his sandwich before lying down on his bed and restlessly Falling asleep.


End of Chapter 1

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