In the Deadlands, Mike must fight against gangs lead by Muscle and Boombox and confront bandit handlers that live in sandstorms that use cannibals as pets in order to survive and protect the

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The black V8 DeLorean DMC-12 Special sat on the side of the road, in the desert, with Mike’s booted feet propped up on his window edge ... Read Chapter


With a start, he cocked his shotgun as multiple vehicles drove by mixed with screams and cheers.  He opened his driver side window a... Read Chapter


They went a few miles, without Jona saying a word, till Mike ordered, “Get down.  Things are about to get hairy.” Jona looked at... Read Chapter


A sentry walked along the barricade on the right side in a relatively silent night till he heard a metal clanging sound and he walked ove... Read Chapter


Mike drove ahead of the encampment for a while before he pulled over off the road and behind a large pile of rocks, hiding his car, turne... Read Chapter


“Mayor, you did the right thing.  At least we will have to face half of them if they ever catch up.” A civvy spoke to the Mayor ... Read Chapter


When the rest of the pack drove by, as he laid face down on the pavement, he slowly got up on his right arm and rocked his head up to rev... Read Chapter


Mike and the Civvy’s continued onward as Mike lingered in the rear of the pack as he watched his rear view mirrors to make sure Muscle ... Read Chapter


Mike woke up the next morning with a start as someone repeatedly pounded on his driver side window and saw it is a middle aged man and he... Read Chapter


In the wrecked fuel tanker, gas is surrounding the tanker and ever growing to make it look like a large pond of gas.  At the front e... Read Chapter


He woke with a start as he felt the RV stop, sat up and looked out the window to see they are in a sandstorm.  He put his boots and ... Read Chapter


There is a sound of fast and hard foot falls on the sand just outside the RV and Mike squeezed the trigger of his shotgun when he suddenl... Read Chapter


Mike entered the RV and saw the gunman pointing Mike’s .44 at him and the gunman sighed and lowered it before Mike approached him and s... Read Chapter


Mike drove till he saw a sign that said, “Central Highway” And showed a curved left arrow and Mike turned on the turnoff and up a gil... Read Chapter

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