Sonnet 7: To Make You Laugh

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It's been a while.

I wrote this while trying to get to bed at a reasonable time. It took about 2 hours to write, which is faster than my usual. I'm sleep-deprived today but it was completely worth it.

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



I struggle desperately with memory

Against delirium and minutes passed

To find again the words I said or see

What fool I was to make you laugh at last.

No ordinary laugh--a crashing pitch,

Up from the lungs, next to the heart it rose.

So uncontrolled, embarrassing, and kitsch,

It could not be a fake, so I suppose.

What was it that I said? And why this fog?

How could that moment be now such a blur?

Retracing motions, memories to jog--

How did this minor miracle occur?

What secret can I find within this clue

That I could make you laugh as others do?

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