Cold Slab.

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I made my way to the morgue with the food for my father-in-law. I've never been in such a place, and I wasn't afraid to go in.

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



My mother gave me the three tier canteen filled with food for my father-in-law. It was getting around 18:30 pm, and I hurried away, taking the track that would bring to the place where my father-in-law was working. He always comes home about Midnight. His work had to do with something connected with the hospital. Working in an outer building with other bodies. My father-in-law treated me well, always giving me the things that I want; and he treated my mother well. I had no problems with him.Me, I'm only 10 and still attending school. I want to teach when I grow up.

A good quick pace got me me in no time at the main hospital gate. I went in, turned slightly to my right and kept walking down. Then I turned right again and came to the outer building. It stood there on its own, a square building. I came up to the massive green doors and knocked. They opemed, and my father-in-law let me in. Directly in front of me was a great big long slab of stone like a bed with a naked body on it. It was the body of a middle aged man. My father-in-law took tyhe canteen from me. I asked him if the man was sleeping. he told me that he was dead., and they had to open him up to examine him.

''If he's dead, '' I said, ''What will happen to his soul?''
''It has gone away. Some say it has gone to heaven.'' He told me.
''Can it take on another body and stay here on earth?''
''Some teach that it has to go away to be judged. Whether that is true or not, I cannot say. But one thing is certain, the body you see lying here is of no more use.''

My father-in-law said, ''You ask many hard questions, but that's okay. You learn by asking questions.'' He started eating his food while I walked around the slab of stone, looking at the dead man. ''I've got another question,'' I said. ''What happens to the man's brain? Is it still working with his soul?''

When he had finished swallowing a morsel of the food, he said to me, ''The soul, from what I've heard is exactly like the body, but not of the same material. As for his brains, it stop working a few seconds after the heart stops functioning. All his experiences are recorded, according to some reports, up in space. Everyone has a plot up there. They say that those with extraordinary powers could tap in and know about those experiences. You sure you really want to be a teacher and not a doctor?''
I said, ''I definitely want to be a teacher, studying medicine is also interesting. Tell me, this man had not so long ago been very active, now here's lying here, completely helpless. What makes this so?''
''I think,'' my father-in-law started saying, ''there are things far beyond our comprehension. Life itself is a great mystery. We find certain things out. You're so young still, with many years to come  to you. Through those years, you'll build up experiences. All human beings go through this process. Stay here for a few minutes, I have to get some papers from the main building. Don't let him go away?''
''Very funny,'' I said. ''He's not going anywhere!''

My father-in-law left and went across to the main building. I stared for a very long time at the man, picturing him walking around and being active. Now he's lying here, lifeless. I find it hard to understand how that work. The floor of this place was tiled throughout. Over the slab of stone was a very bright light bracketed and hanging down. There was a small wash basin on the left-hand side. On the right was a table with chairs around it.

here am I with a dead body all on my own. I walked around the slab stone a few more times staring down at the body. What were those who created us thinking of? DEid they make a mistake in the beginning or did they know what they were really doing, and leaving it all as a mystery for us to discover? The door of the morgue opened and my father-in-law  came back with a box of papers. ''Were you not frightened of staying here alone all by yourself? There are some young people your age who would not have done so.''
I said to him. ''There's nothing to be afraid of. Just a lifeless body. It can't move, and it can't do anything.''
''There's always something mysterious about the dead. If you read back in ancient times, you'll see how they were busy preparing to bury their dead. They believe there was a spirit hovering close to the body.''
''Really? I didn't see anything, or heard any strange noises. But what I don't understand is, why did he die so young and leave his family behind?''
''That, again is one of your hard questions. I have no answer for that one. It so happen that that is the way life is. We have to accept it.''
''Don't you find it a bit foolish yourself when some young person die, and not even had  the chance to go through life? What sense does it make to you?''
''I know what you mean,'' my father-in-law said. ''There are some laws that we just don't understand. All over the world these things happen. It brings sorrow we know, but we just have to carry on with our lives, and do not let these things hold us back.
''I'm going to leave you now,'' I told my father-in-law, ''before you start opening his chest for the medical examiner.
''Okay. Take care on your way back. This one is not having his chest open.''

The End.

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