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I decided to write about my stories if someone is interested on it. I'm probably gonna update it with newer information.

Maybe not all the facts here are really updated.

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



The Solister Catalogue 

I decided to write this because I was with no inspiration and many of my ideas concepts ended cancelled. So I decided to took my free time and write about myself. 

The First Generation (2013-2016) 

This is the first period of Solister's writing, when I didn't took it too serious, there was long periods of nothing being writing. All those stories were written in Portuguese and after, some of them were translated to English. 

Kenny's Lucky Day (2013) 

The first story I remember to write into a PC (Other are just in paper which I probably already have lost). I don't have the original file anymore, but I still remembered it on my mind, so in 2017 I tried to rewrite it. I also didn't remembered the name of the main character so I used Kenny which is the name of a character of another story I wrote “Kenny's Diary”, so this became in somehow a prequel to “Kenny's Diary”. 

China's Invasion (2015) 

As said, in this period I didn't used to take stories that serious, this story “China's Invasion” born for a medieval-theme contest, surprisingly became my 2nd biggest success (As the day I wrote this article) when was republished in 2017 in English. Just as fact, my biggest success is “Dystopian Girl”. 

Kenny's Diary (2015/2016) 

Certainly the longest-running Solister story, “Kenny's Diary” was a story with 5 chapters which told the story of an early teenage guy with his family. Even with all the effort put here, it wasn't the best story I ever wrote. Looking to it now, I understand why. 

The Second Generation (2017) 

The second generation of Solister stories (Also could be called the “Short Story Period”), it was an 1-year period where I started to look seriously to stories and focused on Short Stories. From now on, my stories started to be written only in English. 

Solister Time Travel (2017) 

Initially being just a friends joke, “Solister Time Travel” tried to show to a few friends of mine in how I would love if I could live the nowadays 10 years earlier, I received mostly appreciation which helped me to stay interested on always more. 

The Sapphire Mine (2017) 

After I showing “Solister Time Travel” for my friends, many of them requested a sequel, but at first I didn't wanted at all. I start looking to another story called “The Girls Avenue”, which later was cancelled. While I wasn't inspired for “The Girls Avenue” I start writing “The Sapphire Mine”. However I finished “The Sapphire Mine”, but never back to work in “The Girls Avenue”. 

Solister's 2nd Dimension (2017) 

After finishing “The Sapphire Mine” I decided to declare “The Girls Avenue” truly cancelled, so I decided to work on another project, then “Solister's 2nd Dimension” came. Even with the idea of being the sequel to what (at time) was my best story, I never published it and I think no one ever have full read it. This story also was only wrote to say to my friends that “Solister Time Travel” received a sequel. 

The Third Generation (2018-) 

My actual generation. Where stories take a complex and bigger way to be written with a few pages of text, the Short Stories where changed to Books and even more effort were put here. Technically talking, this generation should be started with “The Girls Avenue”, however it was cancelled. Some exceptions were made such as in "She's a Magical Girl".

Dystopian Girl (2018) 

Solister's biggest success. Mixing the “depressive” side of “Solister Time Travel” with concept ideas for “The Girls Avenue” and a very early concept for a 3rd story on “Solister Time Travel” timeline, I decided to write about a girl which get involved with drugs and went to suicide. This was my first story with age restriction, because I wanted to try a deeper story. The fact of “Claire” being a girl is purely because I thought that girl with drugs and suicide are more interesting than a boy by itself. The story name is a reference of a song with same name: “Dystopian Girl”. 

She's a Magical Girl (2018) 

This is a funny story. Backing 2 years ago, I found a beautiful girl in my school. For a while, we never said a word, until someday one of my friends told me that she could be interested on me. Both of them were very shy so we never had a serious talk. However, I always thought she still had interest on me, looking she appeared to show signals every time we met. Looking this never went into something serious, I thought it could be a good story. The name is a reference of a song called “Magical Girl”. For a while, this story became on the Unreleased  Stories & Future projects section. Until I decided to really work on it.

Unreleased Stories & Future Projects 

For a story writer, cancel a story never is a good option, however it's a hard but necessary option sometimes. A few stories would have to be cancelled because I was taking so much time to get inspiration or I had a better idea. None of the cancelled ideas ever saw the light of the day. See here why and a few description about them. 

An Ukrainian Love (2017) 

This story already was written (And published) as a concept in Portuguese in early 2017. It would take place between the first and the second generation. After “Dystopian Girl” was released, I planned to do a rewrite of this story which never went too ahead, so it's kind hard to say this story was or not ever cancelled. I still thinks that the story isn't completed and a translation (Of the Portuguese initial concept) isn't an alternative. 

The Girls Avenue (2017) 

Probably the story which more went more ahead before was cancelled. It takes place straightly after the release of “Solister Time Travel”. This was meant to be my first book, however an indecision make the whole project to be cancelled. Initially, Chloe would have only 8 years old, after she was planned to be 11 years old, and finally 15 years old. However, none of those concepts were fullydeveloped which made the full project to be cancelled. It was the first story to ever be cancelled. 

The Atom Bomb Games (2018) 

As “The Girls Avenue”, this story also had some precious jewel scrapped, I think it was the second cancelled story to have the most developed plot (Being “The Girls Avenue” the first). This story was a totally new experience trying to write a sci-fi story. The concept name of the story was “The Atom Bomb Project”. The name is a reference to the single “Atom Bomb”, which is where the girl at the cover comes from. 

The Legend of the East Star: An Wild West Story – Part One (2018) and The Legend of the Night Train: An Wild West Story – Part Two (2018) 

For a while, I became interested in write about the American Wild West, however, I didn't have so many facts to write about and some good source about it. This story was meant to be divided in two parts, “The Legend of the East Star: An Wild West Story – Part One” and “The Legend of the Night Train: An Wild West Story – Part Two”. Sometimes the story is called “The Legend of the East Star: Stories from the Wild West - Part One” and “The Legend of the Night Train: Stories from the Wild West - Part Two”.

She's the Pretender (2018) 

This story just became alive for one day. Following the post “Dystopian Girl” inspiration crisis, I tried to do my best to write the maximum of text possible. “She's the Pretender” was one of those texts. It was cancelled because I thought would worked better as a sequel to “The Girls Avenue”, which never was released. 

Unnamed Jade/Teen Story (2018) 

I don't know if this can be considered as a story. This is a very early concept which took many more importance then it could have. Initially, it was meant to talk about a teen girl called Jade, and this story was planned to be the “twin sister” of “Dystopian Girl”. Some further concepts were planned, and this story was meant to pass in 2008, which could be related to the “Solister Time Travel” Duology. In other projects, I planned a full cross-over between most of my series. This story never was started to be written. 

Unnamed Rome/Medieval Story (Late 2018) 

With the unexpected popularity of “China's Invasion” in 2018, I planned a sequel, passing through the fall of Rome and the Byzantine Empire. I never started to write about it, I need to do a good research before. 

Unnamed Kate Story (2017) 

Planned as sequel to Solister's 2nd Dimension, this story was meant to explain why all those visions and even it would be a cross-over between 2017-2007 cast. However, the ideas were changed and became “The Girls Avenue” main plot. As “The Girls Avenue” never was released, some ideas were reutilized in “Dystopian Girl”. 

The Solister Catalogue (2018) 

I don't know if this still can be considered as a story, but this is an interesting thing. A huge inspiration crisis hit me since I cancelled “The Atom Bomb Games”, so I decided to write about my stories, telling a simple comment of each story. It's also the story you just ended to read. 

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