Free Land

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In the past, woman had to wear dresses and couldn't do much. In this story London and Aliz don't care for the rules and wear pants and a shirt like the boys and men. They said f--- that and made
friends with the natives who had lived in the land for much longer than Aliz or London.

“Finally free from that stuffy lodge!” Aliz exclaims as she and London wander the forest. Aliz was a stubborn blue-eyed, red-haired, 15 years old who hated her cruel father. London was an albino girl, she had her white hair carefully framed around her intense red eyes and fragile white skin. The two friends were deep in the forest when they came upon a clear pond. The two never wore dresses as the dresses would have been torn multiple times. Instead, they wore pants and a shirt like the boys. Others whispered, but Aliz and London didn’t care. As they walk to the water a native boy comes down from the trees
“And who the hell are you?!” the boy demands in perfect English. The boy looked 16, he had coffee brown hair and kaleidoscope eyes. 
“Ummm, hi I’m Aliz, how do you know how to speak English?”
“Not important, who is the one with red eyes?”
“She is shy, her name is London.”
“Why are you here?”
“I could ask you the same.”
“We just walked here from camp,” Aliz explains bored.
“And I just walked here from my village.”
“Interesting, well if you don’t mind, we would like to get some
water. Walking through the forest can be quite tiring.” Aliz says pushing the boy out of the way. 
“What is your name?” Aliz asks.
“Hmm, well okay. You can leave us alone now, bye.” Aliz says taking out a bottle to filter water through. She fills the bottle and takes a big swig. She had the half-empty bottle to London, who finishes it off.
“You two are different from others in your “camp”, they wear long dresses, you two wear the clothes of what the boys and men wear, why?”
“Aliz hates dresses, I dislike them too. We also spend most of our time here in the woods. A dress would be ruined if we were to wear one in here.” London says.
“So the white one does talk!” Windwaker jokes.
“That’s mean! I do have a name!” London complains.
“You two done bickering?”
“Haha, I guess.”
“Grr. Can I strangle him, please?”
“Not yet.”
“Ohnnn! Please! Just for like thirty seconds?”
“You are no fun!”
“Look who's bickering now,” notes Windwaker sarcastically.
“Enough peanut gallery,” Aliz says pulling out from her bag a hacky sack.
“Wanna play?”
“It’s easy, you bounce it on yourself to one of the others,” explains London.
“Sounds fun!”
The trio plays hacky sack for hours. Windwaker was bad at first, but he slowly got how to do it and beat London.
“You’re not bad. But you will never beat me unless I let you win,” notes Aliz.
“This was fun, but I gotta go. See you here tomorrow, noon?” WIndwaker asks.
“Sure, if we can get away!”Aliz says packing up the games. Aliz and London head back to the camp as Windwaker heads back to his village.

“Father I’m home,” announces Aliz.
“Where were you?!” demands Commander John, Aliz’s father.
“Just hanging out in the forest with London.”
“The red-eyed one?! I told you to stay away from her!”
“Sorry, but I won’t be staying away from London.”
Commander John was a tall and strong man, he had brown hair and blue/gray eyes. He despised Aliz’s mother, she was stoned to death because she was thought as a witch. Aliz had never met her mother, but she had faint memories of a woman singing. Commander John couldn’t get rid of Aliz just yet, he had arranged a marriage with Willis family. Their youngest boy Erik was a blonde haired, green eyed brat. He was two years older than Aliz but acted like a ten-year-old. Aliz hated every meeting with him, he was always complaining a criticizing. Not even one nice word ever came from his mouth when adults weren’t around.
“No dinner for you!” Commander yells hitting Aliz across the face. She holds back her tears, she walks to her room and cries herself to sleep. In the morning, Commander John was gone. Aliz grabbed some food and her bag. She stuffed what she had taken into the bag. Anna comes out of her room rubbing her eyes. 
“Where are you going, sissy?” questions the five-year-old.
“Yeah, where are you going?” Casper asks from behind.
“None of your business.”
Anna and Casper were Aliz’s younger siblings. Anna was five she had blue/grey eyes and brown hair. Casper was twelve, he had his mother’s blonde hair and Commander John’s blue eyes. They were half-siblings but they were family. Aliz finishes packing and walks out the door, right into Erik.
“What the hell are you doing here?!” Aliz demands as she gets up.
“Why aren’t you inside?” Erik asks.
“Because I do stuff in the day besides sitting in a poofy dress all
“Where are you going?”
“The forest.”
“Why there? It’s full of dirt and spiders!”
“So is the ground.”
“Well, I am coming too.”
“No you aren’t, I am going alone.”
“Then I want to come!”
“Nope! Never going to happen.”
“Why are you so mean?”
“I’m not, you are just annoying to deal with. Also, there is tons of spiders and dirt in the forest.”
“Ugh, fine go on your own,” Erik says as he walks off. Aliz, happy with crushing Erik’s dreams continues onto the forest. Once at the bounder, Aliz waits for London. Once the two are there, they start to walk back to the pond. Windwaker was there with another boy. He looked 17 years old, he had dark chocolate hair, and blue/amber eyes. He was talking with Windwaker in English too. As the two girls approach, Windwaker sees them and walks over to them, the new boy behind him.
“London! Aliz! See Forestfoot! They are real!”
“Who is this Windwaker?” London asks.
“My name is Forestfoot. I’m a friend of WIndwaker. He dragged me here to meet you two.”
“Haha!” Aliz busted out laughing.
“So what should we do today?” Windwaker asks.
“I got cards. Wanna play Go Fish?”
“How do you play?”
“Easy, everyone starts with seven cards. You get four of a kind or rank you can put it down. On your turn, you ask anyone if they have a certain card. If they do, then they give you all of what kind of card you asked for. If they didn’t have it, then they say “Go Fish” and you pick up a card from the pile. If you get the card that you asked for you get another turn after you show us. We’ll go in teams, me and WIndwaker. And London and Forestfoot. Sound good? Good, let’s play!”
The game goes on and on. In the end, 10 games were played, WIndwaker and Aliz won six of the games and the other games London and Forestfoot won.
“Okay, your turn Forestfoot.”
“Aliz, do you have any Aces?”
“Nope! Go Fish!”
“I want some water. I’ll be right back, you think you can win without me Windwaker?”
“Yeah, I can!”
“We will win this one!”
“We’ve won four games each, the winners of this game get some candy that I bought.”


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