Beautiful Shattered Things

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This is a story about a reporter. HOLD ON! It's not just any reporter it's a demon. This is a letter she wrote Satan asking for her soul in exchange for her findings. In this detailed letter, she
explains human emotions and how she longs for them. I will probably add more later, but I sort of just binge wrote this. (Yes that is a thing and yes I am guilty;)

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



She peered into the mirror she held in her cold clammy hands. She really was beautiful, but she didn't admit it to herself. Humans seem to struggle in that department. Tears clouded her vision, but what she was seeing was still blunt. It was a shattered mirror, and a shattered girl lived in its reflection. They never seemed to leave her alone, her reflections. They just loved to mimic her and all her little mistakes.

She moved her hair and bared her teeth, but this didn't please her. Humans never seemed to be pleased with their reflections, but what they failed to realize is that a reflection is merely a fragment of their appearance. Meaning what they see in a mirror is not always what others see. You might see a crying girl, but others see a peachy ray of sunshine.

You see vision and image are things that are often confused by these beings. Vision is what people see, and image is what you look like. How you look isn’t the same as what people see. For instance, some people show very little emotion maintaining a constant smile, but does a smile really just mean happiness? No, a smile can mean many things just like tears. Have you ever heard of someone crying tears of joy? Well, someone can also have a smile of envy.

Ah envy, that is probably one of my favorite human emotions, because they all feel this emotion. The feeling of needing to be more like someone else. What I love so much about this emotion is that it’s funny. It’s funny because if humans had their way in the business then she would look like her, and he would act like him, and well . . . no one would really be themselves. So I ask you, is that what you want a world full of copycats, a world full of mirrors? No, I don’t think anyone would want that, I know I don’t. Humans are so interesting because they're so different. If they were all the same then where would all the conflict be? What would happen to all the fun?

You see the girl I have watched lately is very intelligent. I would almost say she’s as smart as me, but that is impossible because no human can be as smart as me. There I go with some confidence, then again is it confidence if it’s a completely true statement? Emotions are such an interesting thing, I wish I could have them, but that is why I study humans. The only emotion I can really feel is envy, envy to have envy and all the human emotions, the whole shabang. Humans, as I have concluded, are very interesting creatures. They may not be the smartest, but I guess that comes at the cost of having emotions. After all their only humans. If there is anything I have learned from my research it is that I want to live among these beings. Among these beautiful shattered things. That must sound crazy, but it is the only thing I truly want. Please consider my offer sir, please give me my soul. Please give me this and I will give you my findings when I return.



Your favorite reporter


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