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I was browsing your call for artists on the website I am an illustrator myself and have some work in mind that I would like to possibly submit. Please advise. Thank you.



Svengard Borgnine



The World Famous Artist Bestselling Novelist Sean Terrence Best is delighted to hear from you, Svengard!  Thank you for your welcome inquiry!  Yvette's Bridal Formal site is now an archive, however, I can publish images of your illustrative creations in the Yerza Kultoria Gallery of Fine Arts at an experimental site I am currently developing, the hyperlink to which I shall include in the body of this electronic correspondence.  Do you have anything old or rare depicting the arduous struggles of working class or impoverished pioneer individuals or families in Canada or Alaska, exempli gratia, remote outposts of mining operations, hydroelectric dams, and even fur-trapping or subsistence hunting; perhaps an unnamed fugitive hiding in the trackless vast covert of the wild solitudes in order to escape criminal prosecution?  

Inspired by the Bettmann Archive, I've begun my own tradition-based chronicle tribute to the hidden life of those who are socioeconomically despondent amid bleak ascetic languor in fringe micro-societies such as small frontier villages or lone cabins isolated in the rugged mountain ranges, boreal forests, and frosty windswept plains of the far north - a documentary of desperate human plight which I have decided to entitle Ghost Folk: Wilderness Ballad of Unsung Voices.

I shall be delighted to enjoy the prosperous privilege of your collaboration with this culturally significant history-making project of the visual arts!


best regards,

Sean Terrence Best V8+ 52*


Grim rumors of alien conspiracy surrounding covert installations such as Area 51 and Hangar 18 reveal the horror that as beings of the instantaneous, all we have access to is the present moment, a paranormal fact that renders decision-making in the corporeal world a formidable challenge, especially when the stakes are high.

Clive Staples Lewis wrote about the impermanence of this actuality in The Screwtape Letters. I wrote about this same supernatural hobgoblin of the mortal conundrum in Bloodstone and Broomcorn: Curse of the W.I.T.C.H.

Quarks, muons, gluons - the reality of the passing episodes of life is related to Quantum Theory wherein the mere act of observing the position of a subatomic particle is enough to change its location and potential energy.

Esoteric truths arise from this peculiar singularity of the human entity.

There are others who live in hidden extra dimensions, from which they can with sinister impunity alter the course of human destiny.  Without a metaphysical approach, we can’t measure the full strength of these shadowy otherworldly cloaked agents of brooding inscrutable mystery.

It’s an inversely proportional harmonic of the rhythm of celestial experience.  For example, when a UFO enters US airspace, the talk of shooting it down frightens me considerably, because what if the UFO cannot be shot down?  There is the possibility that the UFO activity may be benign, merely observing life on Earth, yet when attacked, the UFO could be provoked into retaliatory response.  Should the UFO possess military capability far in advance of human technology, this could spell doom for Earth as we know it.  

Even supposing the UFO could be shot down, what about wreckage destroying property and injuring or killing people on the ground?  Then there’s the risk that firing on a UFO could detonate a weapon of mass destruction, such as a nuclear explosive.  Or it could be a germ warfare hazard.  What if shooting down a UFO releases a virulent airborne contagion, a deadly Level 4 infectious disease?

Here we clearly see exactly what the dire warnings about time, actuality, and impermanence truly foreshadow in parallax modern twenty-first century incarnation.

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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