The Wait

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Why do we have to wait for everything?

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



The Wait (143760)



The clock ticks, the cock crows,

the sun sets, the grass grows.


Your skin will age before your mind,

As you watch the hands of Father Time.


Sick of waiting you try to change,

Only to find more of the same.


You can cut yourself free of ties and restraints,

Fly high as a bird, but you still have to wait.


There is no true spontaneity,

There’s a wait for the girl to who you must pay a fee.


A wait for the printer, a wait for the ball,

A wait in the queue which extends down the hall.


An overpopulated land, with much to see,

You wait for a man to give you the key.


The frustration of wait spoiling the joy,

You wait as a child for your turn with a toy.


Wait, wait, wait and wait again,

Its so frustrating, and it never ends.

Wait while you live, then wait to die,
The clock ticks on as time passes by.

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