The Place Where Fairies Dance

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Just a simple story of a dream I have been working on

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



The Dance Of Broken Fairies



Hot Rain covers the field of red lilies where the fairies dance


Their dresses made from wet seaweed and wings of cracked stone


Steam rises as the rain becomes heavier


The once beautiful makeup leakes down there faces like tears


It keeps dripping , dripping onto the now dying flowers


The flowers shrivel and crumble into hard smooth stone as the fairies wings crack


No colour is left in this place


No life is left in the dance that I thought once looked so beautiful


The way the fairies would move so intricately


Like waves


They danced as though there were no worries or sorrows


The wind would dance with them, moving to help them sor above


The dance is now gone and the fairies have turned to stone along with the flowers


Both now a bland shade on grey


Only the sound of rain smacking against the burning hot stone and the loud thumping of my own heart beat is left to fill my ears


I stand alone now


No more fairies or friendly wind


My skin turns red from the steam


?My body drops down to the broken pieces of stone


I begin to bleed


I bleed from the sharp jagged edges of the crumbled stone that tears at my skin


Everyone is gone


I lay alone listening to the rain and smelling only rust


I weep yet no one hears my cries


What happened to the light?


I watch my hands begin to turn to stone


Young bare skin now cold and lifeless


My own once pale body now turning grey


My long black hair that spirals no longer black and bonsey


Only lifeless and grey


As I can no longer move my body I watch the sky


I think about how I got here, but I am sadly unable to remember


The sky is black filled with blue stars


Its closing in on me, the sky is coming closer


Stone has almost reached my eyes


I cant breath


My eyes shut Blackness is all I see


One last pathedic lonely tear runs down my face from my pal blue eyes


I want to go home


Where is home?


I try to scream


No sound leaves my mouth


No inch of me moves


I drift away


I am gone


But my soul


My soul will do the dance of broken fairies from above


Where no burning rain will reach


No fairies wings will crack


My soul will dance


My soul will dance with the wind from above


It will watch the rest of the world crumble at hells gates


My soul will dance.





By Kaijah Cowles


© Copyright 2019 kaijahc. All rights reserved.

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