A Selfish Friend

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Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



A Selfish Friend


I rest my soul lost in a moment,

Waiting quietly ever so patient,

Trying to console it in vain,

Avoiding its wounds, avoiding its pain.


I wait swaying in the breeze of life’s melody,

Clutching my soul, I hope it plays for me,

Yet, it’s not my song, not my life, not my story,

I remain afloat, a pale cloud without a destiny.


Left aside, passed like a ghost,

Not dead, but gone for the most,

I start to fade with nowhere to go,

Waiting for a friend that refuses to show.


A selfish friend or a cruel foe,

Which applies to a reaper, I don’t know,

Stretching my pain and counting my tears,

Ignoring my torment, ignoring my fears.  


Lazy, bored or just unwilling,

Leaves me pale, breathless, yet undying,

Minding his own affairs he passes me,

Saying grimly, it’s not your time to be free.


I remain waiting for this selfish friend,

Hollowed out, faded, almost transparent,

Waiting for a selfish reaper, like for a dear friend,

To lead me away, to help me find my resting end.



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