Dragon's time and space

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A short story I made for school. It was more then enough for my teacher.

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



There once was a legend of a dragon. This dragon was said to appear from thin air and terrorized villages, eat livestock, kidnap women then disappeared back into thin air. It was a terrifying beast. After many years of suffering the ravages of the dragon, it was decided a sacrifice would be made to appease the dragon. The village chief of a small village decided to sacrifice his beautiful daughter to let the other villagers and livestock live.

One day, a man came to the village that was going to be attacked by the dragon. As he entered the square he observed the village elders in animated discussion. Alongside them was a girl of breathtaking beauty. He learnt she was the village chief’s daughter and fell in love with her at once. Making his way beside her, he professed his feelings for her and asked her to marry him. Before she could answer an Elder rang a bell and called for everyone’s attention as there was to be an important announcement. The Village chief then spoke. With heave heart he announced that to appease the dragon, his daughter was to be sacrificed to the dragon, gesturing to the girl the man had just proposed to. When he learned about the dragon and the sacrifice, He was furious. He asked the village chief to stop the sacrifice, but the village chief didn't listen. “The sacrifice will happen at the next full moon, the time that the dragon is next expected to strike”, said the village chief. So when the day of the sacrifice came, with a sword in one hand, the man followed the chief's daughter into the forest where the dragon was expected to emerge..

At first, nothing happened. They kept walking deeper and deeper into the forest until they reached a clearing. The clearing was mist covered and felt cold but as they walked to the centre of the clearing a warm draft of air was felt. They heard what sounded like heavy breathing and ‘the man’ readied his sword. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew away the leaves of surrounding trees. The dragon appeared in the clearing from thin air. It had clean white scales, large blank imposing wings, and stood 25 meters high. The man drew his sword and attacked the dragon. He was quick on his feet. His first strike on the Dragon broke off some of the scales on the dragons front leg. The Dragon looked intimidated. It disappeared into thin air, and a moments later, it appeared behind the man ready to strike. The man sensed its bloodlust and dodged the dragon’s strike. They fought for 3 days and 3 nights neither gave any ground to ether. Dodging each others attack. It was a fierce battle but in the end, the man defeated the dragon. The man became a hero and the dragon went away not to be seen anywhere. But the dragon was only defeated not killed. Was that the end of the story?

Time passed without any sign of the dragon. The villages enjoyed peace and prosperity as they had a vast hinterland, as it the past the reputation of the dragon kept settlers away, but now was able to be used for orchards, wheat fields, all manner of livestock. The dragon was not seen for over a hundred of years.

Then one day, a boy name John, from the village went to play in the forest. When he came back, in the late afternoon, he was drenched in cold sweat. He told the villagers what he saw. While he was playing near the shrine of the hero that was in the clearing, he saw a large scaly hand with claws appear out of thin air and grab the offerings from the shrine. The people of the village didn't believe him. So he went to his brother.

The boy’s brother was in charge of cleaning and renewing the shrine. “Big brother! Big brother!” the boy yelled “I saw a large lizard hand near the statue! Don't go there!” “Stop lying John. You ate the offerings and ran away like you always do didn't you? The spirit of the hero would be furious if you keep that up,” the older brother, Regus replied. The boy puffed his cheeks, “But I did see a giant lizard hand!”. “Okay, okay, help me set up for dinner. We are going nowhere tonight. But tomorrow, when I visit the shrine, and if you behave, you can show me the ‘Big lizard hand’ you saw.” said the brother before blowing the night candle out.

The next morning, the village was bustling with activity. The wives were cooking delicious food, while the men were putting up decorations. It was the 110th anniversary of the time the hero defeated the dragon. There would be dancing and food and sweets for the whole village to enjoy.

John and Regus were given fruit veggies, cooked meat, and small steamed layer cakes as offerings to the shrine. They left in the morning. The boy had a pan on his head and a stick in his hands while the brother held a dish filled with the offerings.

“Don't worry big brother, If the giant lizard appears I'll protect you,” said John swinging his stick around. “Heh, heh, sure you will. I bet you'll scare the scales off… it…,” then John stopped in his tracks. “What’s wrong big brother? Oh, we here”. As they reached the clearing, a break in the clouds let a burst of sunshine into the clearing. As there eyes got used to the glare, next to the shrine of the hero was a sight big brother would not have believed he would ever see in his lifetime. Regus stuttered “It’s a D.D.Dra...” “Lizard! See!? I told you the lizard was real!” said John.

The dragon stood 25 meters high. from claw to head and he was pure white. A pair of blank large white wings on his back. One of its front legs reached for the offering on the shrine. The brother could only stand in horror, but the boy John, was not so idle. “Don’t steal the hero’s offerings!” yelled the boy. The dragon turned his eye to the two boys. The brother quickly dropped the plate of food and lifted his little brother up and ran away as fast as he could. “Oh, sorry, I didn't know these were yours. May I?” said the dragon but it fell on deaf ears as Regus was too busy running away.

“Now that's just rude,” said the dragon. He took one of his front legs and pointed it at the direction of the two boys. He conjured up a ripple-like effect on the air right behind one of his front legs, and suddenly, the two boys emerged from the ripple and crashed into the dragons front leg. “Now I won't repeat myself again, so listen carefully. The shrine could use a refill. I’ll make you a deal, I’ll clean up the mess you made and put your offerings on the shrine. In return let me eat some of the offerings”, said the Dragon. You surely don’t mind if I sample your offerings? Regus nodded his head. “Oh come now,” complained the Dragon, “You say ‘Yes’ with nodding but do you mean ‘Yes you mind” if I eat this offering or do you mean “Yes, I am allowed to eat this offering?” “Y-yes you may, I-I don't mind,” stuttered Regus. The dragon then ate the food at the shrine and the one John dropped leaving only a carrot, a cabbage, and a steamed layer cake on the shrine”

“Thank you, but unfortunately, I still crave something a bit meatier,” hinted the dragon. The brother broke into a cold sweat, he was ready to kneel down and beg for his life. But the dragon had other plans. “Now wait, I don't have a taste for humans, but I can't help but notice that your village is having a festival with food. Mind if I join? I promise I won't eat anyone,” bargained the dragon. The brother couldn't say No, but he tried to reason with the dragon, “O-of course you can, but you're too big to fit in the village. You might knock the food to the ground when you land in the village.” “Don’t worry about that,” said the dragon. His body suddenly disappeared. “I'll be by your side, dear,” the Dragon suddenly appeared on the brother's shoulder in the size of a large bird. “Now mush! Back to the village. The red coat- I mean tax collector is coming!” shouted the Dragon.

Those words came as a shock to the brother. He only asked one question: “What's the name of the tax collector?” “Drake Black I believe,” replied the dragon. Regun broke into a sprint to the village. “John! Come on! We need to get back to the village quickly!” shouted Regun. They ran right back into the forest but after a second, they've already reached the village. “Say thank you now,” said the dragon. “T-thank you” whispered Regun.

Regun rushed to the village square where the festival was supposed to be. The dragon who almost fell off the brother's shoulder now is hanging on the brothers back. Near the center of the village, a man with a goatee in an ugly multi-colored robe was standing in front of the whole village with several soldiers armed with crossbows, pikes, and swords standing around him. (No prizes for guessing who he is.)

“Since your little village seems to have an abundance of food I'm sure you could spare say 90% of it to the army. I'm glad we reached an agreement. Soldiers, start gathering!” said the Drake. “Hold it count Black!” shouted Regun in a oddy feminine voice, “We’ve already sent our share of food to the army. You don't need to collect from us again.” “Ah, Regen Tigerheart, so good to see you well after all these years. I should've expected anything less from the daughter of the hero. Don't mistake this as a collection, it a generous donation by this village.” Regun, who’s real name was Regen, clenched her hand to suppress her anger.

“What a slimy snake,” a voice said.

“I must be hearing things,” said Drake. The whole village broke into a cold sweat. “I thought I heard some say I was a…” “A slimy snake wearing an ugly robe spitting out poison on every word” provoked the dragon. “Shut up,” whisper Regen to the dragon on her back. “Heh, I'll pretend I didn't hear that, if you'll become my wife, Regen” threaten Drake. “Wow you're that desperate?” again the dragon insulted Drake still hanging behind, “I see why you've been single to this day.” the thin thread of patience had snapped and Drake ordered Regen to be executed.

John jumped in front of Regen to protect her. “Don't you hurt my brother!” shouted John ignorantly.

Crossbow bolts flew at her, soldiers with pike and swords ran right at her, there was no escape. Regen’s body suddenly became light, and an anthropomorphic version of the white dragon appeared right in front of john and Regen. Crossbow bolts, pikes, and sword broke as they struck his body like a wave crashing against a cliff. “I feel like Superman!” said the dragon. “Superman?” wondered Regen. “Right, he hasn't been invented yet. No matter. What else have you got for me, Sir Drake?” Drake now had a worried look on his face. He took out a whistle from his robe and blew it. The villagers ran into their homes after hearing the whistle. One of them took John inside with them. Not long after, a roar from afar could be heard. The dragon made another ripple-like effect on the air beside him and plunged his arm into it pulling a sword with a jewel-encrusted scabbard. “Here,” the dragon gave the sword to Regen “If you are what I think you are you'll have a use for this sword. I'm pretty sure that's how I said it, well nevermind.”

A giant green dragon swooped in and landed right behind Drake.

The dragon again disappeared. “Has your little pet run away, daughter of the hero?” taunted Drake ”I'll forgive you if you turn yourself in for insulting a officer of the law.”

“I did no such thing!” shouted Regen. “Soldiers! Apprehend her for resisting arrest!” hissed Drake. She pulled out the sword form the scabbard and started fighting the soldiers. “This village is to be burned down to set an example. Feel the wrath of a real dragon!” announced Drake with a sinister smile on his face.

The green dragon opened its mouth to breath out its flame. Suddenly a large scaly white hand, bigger than the green dragons head, appeared from a ripple-like effect in mid air and held the green dragon’s mouth shut. Another, much larger ripple, appeared near the initial one. From this one, the dragon’s normal head appeared, “You are 7000 years too young to be called a real dragon,” said the dragon in an old and wise tone. Another ripple appeared and a second hand emerged from it. It flicked the green dragon's nose. The green dragon disappeared without a trace.

The last of Drake’s soldier fell under Regen’s might. All of Drake’s soldiers were down, and Drake himself was pissing himself on the ground. The dragon appeared in front of the village. With a snap of its claws, Drake and all of his soldiers vanished. “Don't worry, I've sent them to a relatively safe place still in this plane of existence,” said the dragon.

Regen took the discarded scabbard from the ground and sheathed the sword back into it. “That sword belongs to your father.” explained the dragon, “Keep it, it's the inheritance he left for you, but I am taking that scabbard back. Don't worry, your father and I were friends. The legend they tell in this village was part of a deal I made with your father, I won’t ever interfere with the village’s life and make him into a hero fit for the chief's daughter and he’ll give me free food in the form of those offerings. Though, I never understood why he wanted to have children after he's too old to do anything. No matter. I shall take my leave, stay safe now.” Regen didn’t

Then the dragon disappeared again, never to be seen again until hundreds of years later. Regen lived up to her name as the daughter of the Hero of the village. Count Drake disappearance led to the investigation of his history and evidence was found of his corruption. Count Drake and his soldiers appeared from thin air in the king's throne room a year later. They were arrested on the spot. This certainly isn't the end of the story. So when will the legend of the dragon end? Will it have a happy ending? Or will it end in tragedy? Now that, is another story for another time and place.

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