Magic: Word of a Thousand Legends (rewrite)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Supreme other-worldly fantasy

A rewrite of my other story of the same name with a more thought (and good grammar) put into it.

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Once upon a time.

Submitted: March 27, 2018

Once upon a time, in a world where myths and legends are not just stories. In a land called Pangea, a war raged across the land.

9 factions took part in this war: The kingdom of the human race and their dwarven allies, with their desire to conquer occupies the central area of Pangea, now a crossroad of conflict. Camelot,
with King Arthur and his Knights of the round table, occupied the northwestern part of Pangea once ruled by (homosexual) dragons. The frozen kingdom of North-Coast with their drow queen of ice
occupied the north. The fertile yet barren land to the northeast is home to the mighty factories of the automatons, they live in, under, and around the Mount Magma. To the far east the tricky
fairies and gnomes they live under the protection of the great Fairy Tree and the power of the Fiery Queen. The great Golden Forest of the High Elves and Tree Elves with their noses up high
occupies the southwestern part of Pangea. The witches, necromancer and undead lives in the south, separated from the human lands by a sea of green that will drown a person in the thick air. The
tundra-kin lives in the arid desert of the south-west, humanlike traditional-y cannibals people that can survive an even harsher environment. Last and certainly not least, the salted lands of the
west bares the towering infernal demon gate that leads to the demons, world of Perpetua. Only the mysterious Forrest, a large forest that stretches all across Pangea divided these factions’ land
from one another.

But the wind patterns of war were changed by an El Nino. The demon gate was opened for the first time in centuries, and out came hundreds of flying demonic birds and flesh-winged creatures bearing
horrible news,


Were the words spoken by the demonic messengers across the land of Panga.

Naturally, none paid it any mind except for the odd grandma, but they'll soon remember the old saying, “Mother knows best”

The dormant volcano, Mount Magma, suddenly erupted and destroyed almost all of the Automatons factories. The capital of the tundra-kin, Rockopolis, was overrun by Werewolves and its people
scattered by the winds of war as refugees. And The Golden Forest, home the elves, was reduced to a dark dingy marsh. At that point, they knew that threat was real.

Meanwhile, In the human kingdom. The current human king silently committed suicide when news of the disasters reached his ears. A new king was quickly crowned by the pope of the FSM church. The
newly crowned king quickly contacted all the other factions that still stood at that time, including many tribes of beast-kin hidden in The Forrest, and the scattered Orc clans in the human and
elven lands, which lead to the current alliance of Pangea. But the demons weren't the type to underestimate their opponent.

The demons conducted sabotage operation on the many factions of the alliance. They supported the dragons who attacked Camelot in hope to stop support from the mighty knights of the round table from
ever be send in dangerous quantity to support the humans. The sparked a civil war in the fairy and gnome lands to also prevent them from sending reinforcements. They also tried to convert the drow
queen to their side but they were not charismatic enough to do it.

When the demon army reached the border of the human territory, they were greeted by the army of the alliance. The crash of cannons and roar of infernal machines signaled the start of the battle.

Beast-kin and Orc berserkers were the first to clash with the demons followed only by the fastest humans and automatons warriors. With sharp teeth and claw, and generations of experience in close
combat, the beast-kin shred thought the numberless low-rank demons. For every low-rank demon killed, a thousand more would take its place, fortunately, it would take several thousand of them to
kill just one of the beast-kins. Portals carrying the demons’ thralls burst open thought out the battlefield, but even before one of those thralls step foot on the battlefield, fearless Orcs jump
right into these portals. The mountain of muscles and blood-drenched skin of the Orcs with their large one-handed axes took the more challenging meat shields like they were breakfast.

The demon’s juggernaut, a mass of possessed steel with sharp metal claws and teeth and several crab-like legs, rumbled the battlefield with its presence. Even the mighty cannons could only dent the
large infernal machine.

The Automaton tried to talk sense into the demonic metal thing. When that didn't work, the Automatons obliterated the machine like it was a maccano set toy. Their magic coded armaments shred flesh
and steel alike.

Polymorphing stone gargoyles flew above the battlefield raining down magical projectiles on Top of the human soldiers. Succubuses, both on the ground and in the air, casting deadly magic and…
“assaulting”,the inappropriate version of the meaning, anyone they can, except for the Witches and Elves. The powerful witch air force, consisting of ghosts from the Living GRaveyard and the Strike
Witch squad, the second they took to the skies, even dragons would fly away in fear. Elves, with their fiery grudge for what the demons did to their homeland, combined their powerful magic to
summon Captain Planet Armageddon on the battlefield.

But not even Armageddon could stop the demonic Pit Fiends. They fly over the battlefield as if the Witch Air Force were just mosquitoes, and fire brushed from their footprints. But even the mighty
pit fiends couldn't stand up against King Arthur's Knights of the roundtable. All 150 knights were there, they fly through the battlefield at supersonic speed with their golden hair in the wind,
smashing them with supersonic punches, or disintegrating them with magical plasma projectiles they shoot from their hands.

But then, the “Demon King” himself showed up. Like a red meteor, he crashed into the battlefield. With massive red bat like-wings, large intimidating horns, crimson red skin, firm muscles, and red
eyes that says “You are my Bit©h.” With a swing of his arm, he flung Beast-kin and Orcs across the battlefield, Skin so tough it stopped railguns and supersonic punches like they were cotton, And
magic so powerful, with just a finger snap, he could nullify Elven and Witch magic. He moved through the battlefield faster than Camelot’s knights and threw fireballs so large that made the humans
mighty cannons look like peashooters.

Out of the dust of the incinerated cannons, stood those who none knew. Their names, now inscribed in many history texts, are Austin Xun, Master of all Arts, Barron Yäger, master of all Magic and a
Witch, Cena Zerus, Dwarf master magic tool maker.

Those three fought the Demon leader what seems like days. Austin traded blows with the leader while Barron supported him with magic several times more powerful than any Witch. But in the end, they
finally succeeded in sealing him in a magical circle at the cost of the three’s life.

With the defeat of their leader, the alliance pushed the demon army back into there land of Perpetua and closed the demon gate ending the war and brought peace to the land.

And that's where a legend ends. And many new legends begins.
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