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Even though you walked away, I sometimes cant help but wish you were mine again.

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



Like the Cool October winds she's a breath of fresh air. She's the color of love; bright, bold and beautiful with a shimmer of Graceful danger that'll get you everytime. She is life, my life. Born from the fountain of youth my God she is timeless, amazing how her presence stops time.. Even her silence is golden pay attention still because in a flicker its her expression that will tell all. It's stars and galaxies you see in her eyes, while the universe spills from her lips so listen closely or you may miss something great. Compass when I'm lost, light in the dark, moon in my night sky, I wonder if she knows she's at center of my world. Nurturer of the sick, God's greatest gift, I wonder if she knows that her presence alone is all healing. I wonder if she knows she's so special, one of a kind, in my eyes she is perfect. What she sees as faults and flaws I found them in multiple ways unique. The sound of her voice makes my heart skip a beat and sends shivers up and down my spine. I wonder if she knows she's beautiful if she knows she's a scheme in the rhyme, that she's my favorite song much more than a line. I wonder if she knows shes blessed. I wonder if you know how much I wish you were Mine.

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