You Never Know

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Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



The big game was about to start! Fans were cheering, clapping, and ready for the game to start. Wolverines vs. Lions, the two biggest rivals in High School Basketball. The guys were warming up and practicing in their gray and blue jerseys. It was their home gym and they were all pumped. Fans wore as much gray and blue as they could and some brought signs and posters. I was with my best friend Marie and we were sitting right above the Wolverines team bench. “There’s your brother!” Marie said smiling and clapping as he waved to me. I waved and blew my big brother a kiss. He pretended to catch it and continued warming up. The clock was counting down only two minutes left till game time. Our other best friend Clara was driving on her way and we were pumped. The horn blared and the refs called game time. It was so loud with the fans cheering and yelling madly and both teams clapping and cheering. I thought nothing could ever bring me down from this moment. But then Marie’s phone rang and she answered hurriedly. All of a sudden she gasped “no! I-It can’t be!” and I was all ears listening. She hung up in tears sobbing and crying. “I-It’s Cara… there was an accident an- she-she’s dead” she sobbed harder into my shoulder but I couldn’t move. My whole world came crumbling down. Cara- the first one to ever talk to me in my freshman year. Cara- the one who gave me my nickname Mellow. Cara- the one who I told everything to… was dead? No… I never got to tell her how I felt, I never got to tell her how much she meant to me. I never got to tell her she was like a sister to me all because I thought it didn’t matter. Now it’s too late and she’s gone. I can’t tell her now… I’ll never be able to… I left the game with Marie and we went home. All of a sudden the game didn’t seem important anymore. Nothing did. I decided that I was still going to tell Cara how I felt about her. I write stories, diary entries, poems, and drawings, anything I can to talk to her through writing. I don’t know if she can read it up in Heaven but if she can I hope she feels the same. From now on I will cherish the moments I have with my friends and family because you never know when their time will run out. You never know…

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