The Presence

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Two Rivers

Does God exist?

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



“Have a seat Mr. Rolf,” the psychologist, Dr. Bloom said.  “May I call you Richard or Dick?” she asked.

“My friends call me Rich,” he said.  He wore a gray tee shirt hanging loosely over his blue jeans with cheap running shoes on his feet.

“How old are you, Rich?” she asked as she picked up the folder with all his personal information.  She wore a black pantsuit and looked very professional. 

Rich leaned his 130-pound frame forward in one of the two chairs facing her desk.  “It’s all in there,” he said a little agitated by the way things were going.  “How old are you?” he finally asked. 

She smiled, “I’m 38, and the report says you are 23?”

“Yes,” he said.

“So, are you a swimmer?”

“Yes, I swam once, even won some ribbons in high school and college, but not anymore!”  He leaned back disgusted and then sat up again.  “Why don’t you ask me the real question?”

“Okay, what is the real question?” she asked. 

He looked around and then back at her and pulled himself to the edge of his seat.  “You’ve gone to six or eight years of college, right, and you don’t know the real question?”  He sighed and calmed down.  “The real question is: ‘Is there a God?’”

She looked at him intently.  “Is there a God?”

“Yes, and I can’t find him anymore.” 

“Is that why you drink and admitted yourself into rehab?”

“No,” he said under his breath and then added, “Yes.” He was quiet for a long while, but she didn’t interrupt the deafening silence in the office.  He finally added, “I can’t do it anymore!” He pounded his fist on his leg.

“Do what?” she asked. 

He looked at her for a moment.  “Do you swim?” he asked.

“No, I’m more into a running.”

“I thought so,” he said.  “You don’t look like much of a swimmer.”  He got up and walked around and peered out one of the two large windows.  The bay ran to the horizon and then into the Atlantic Ocean.  He thought to himself, Such a beautiful place for a bunch of drunks to hold up at.  “He’s out there, you know,” Rich said without turning around. 

“God?” she asked.

“Yes,” he hung his head.  “I would swim out into the ocean as far as I could go, and then I’d turn around, but I didn’t know if I could make it back.  Then, I would feel this presence.  Powerful, overwhelming, not really a presence but more like a consciousness.”  He came back to his seat and sat down.  “I couldn’t do it anymore because He knew what I was doing.”

“So this God is a guy?”

“No!” he pounded his fist on the desk.  “He is my mom, my dad, my wife and everyone who has ever loved me.  “This consciousness is Love!” 

“And why can’t you do it anymore this near-death experience?” she asked intrigued. 

He sighed, “The game was over.  He would let me drown.  And, I can only know Him like everyone else now, but not experience Him anymore.”  He began to cry.  He rubbed his eyes with the tissue she offered him.  “I drank to cope with the grief.  Like someone died and you’ll never see them again.” 

“How do you know he wouldn’t come”?” she asked.

"Because" he looked at her. “God is not stupid.  He knew what I was going, getting high on his presence, and He didn’t show last time and I nearly died.”

“But, God is everywhere in his creation, right?” she asked.

“Yes, but that feeling!”  He formed a fist pulled it down in front of him.  “That feeling!”

“Well, our time is up,” she said, looking at her watch.

“Yeah,” he sighed and got up to leave.  At the door, he added, “Maybe someday you’ll experience that Presence.”


It was lunchtime and the psychologist, Dr. Bloom, decided to take a run.  She moved to her private bathroom and put on her running outfit.  Outside she stretched looking over at the bay.  She  thought about Rich and what he had said, “He’s out there.”  She shrugged it off and began running.  Suddenly she felt her body slammed by a car and thrown in the air.  She knew exactly what had happened.  Without looking, she had run right in front of a car.  She was flying in the air and time seemed to stand still.  Then she felt the overwhelming Presence.  In this non-passing of time, she thought of Rich.  She wanted to yell, “Yes!  Yes!”  Then she felt her body being eased to the ground.  She got up and the driver came rushing up to her.  “I called 911.  Are you okay?!” 

“I’m fine!” she said surprising herself by what she said.  She heard sirens as she ran back to her office.  She shed her clothes as she took a quick shower, and then she stood looking at herself in the full-length mirror, not a scratch or a broken bone.  She hurriedly dressed.  Sat at her desk and paged her secretary to contact Richard Rolf.  

Moments later as Dr. Bloom finished her lunch at her desk, her secretary came in.  “Yes?” she asked as her secretary just stood there.

“Uh, Richard’s body was found floating on the beach just minutes ago.  It seems he went for a swim and went out too far.  Here’s the contact information for his mother and father,” the secretary said placing a small post-it note on her desk. 

“Thank you,” Dr. Bloom said, feeling numb.  Her secretary left and she sat there for a moment and then got up and looked out the window.  Then she said, “Rich, He’s out there and like you said, ‘The game is over.’”


© Copyright 2020 DannyDee. All rights reserved.

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