The Shadow Weaver

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FYI: All the spells in this book are in Japanese, since I was trying to keep this anime-ish. That’s how I like to keep all my books because I picture them easier in anime/cartoon than in real life.
Anyways, if there is a new spell used in the chapter, the Japanese to English translation for the spell will be in the guide.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Enzo Savege

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018





I looked out the window in my cell. It was the only source of light I had. The cell was grimy, dark, and damp. The guards only ever opened the doors once a day and fed me with crappy food. It was mushy and didn't give any vitamens what-so-ever. It probably had drugs in it to make me weaker. The guards tried to keep it a sercret. They whispered about it all the time. 

"What an abomination."

"Who would kill theirown family?" 

Everytime I hear them whisper about it, I think back to the day my shadows first killed. 

It was a cold dark night, and my family and I had stopped in a shelter to get away from the rain. As we sat there, huddled togather for warmth, we heard noises. "skreek!"

We huddled even closer. "Bang!" 

Even closer. Then a hand reached out, towards my little sister. It seemed friendly at first. But then, as it layed one of it's long, bony fingers on her, it recoiled, taking her with it. I screamed for her and ran after the creature, un aware that there were more creatures waiting in ambush. 

They jumped out at me knocking me into an abondoned truck. I slumped down, bearing too much pain to stand. They attacked my family and killed my sister. 

Seeing my sister dying was the trigger point, I guess. I leashed out through the shadows, destroying everything in my path, wreckless as a bulldozer to road, I sharpened the edge of my shadow, and lunged at the creature attacking my mother. 

I struck deep, but also impaled all the way into the next victim, my mother. The creature slumped over, on top of my now dead mother. I cowered away from the shadow and it overcame me. It attacked the other creature and, once again, impaled through it into my only other family memeber, my dad. 

Now I'm stuck in a jail cell with nothing but, crappy food, a thin springy matress, a small hole to go to the washroom in and thin, baggy, clothes. Now the food tasted more drugish, and an execution stand was being built outside the prisoner hall. I knew what was going to happen. I had seen it many times before.

I was going to be executed.





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